How To Look Drop-Dead Gorgeous When Walking Down The Aisle (& Bring Tears To Your Partner’s Eyes)

Like most brides, you’ve probably spent a lot of time daydreaming about the moment you will walk down the aisle. How you will look; the looks of love from friends and family, and, of course, the emotion on your partner’s face. (You may even be hoping that he sheds a tear of two.) Like every part of your big day, you most probably want every little step down the aisle to be perfect.

Not only do you want to get the reaction that you’ve always imagined from your nearest and dearest, but you also want to feel gorgeous. This really is one of the most important things when it comes to your wedding day and how much you enjoy it. Because, the more amazing you feel, the better time you will have.

Walking Down The AislePhoto from Pixabay

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Dad Feeling Left Out? Here’s Everything The Father Of The Bride Can Do To Help Out

Many fathers of the bride can feel left out in the runup to their daughter’s wedding. Sure, they have some big jobs to do on the day. After all, they will be busy giving you away and giving their speech at the reception. But I’m sure your Dad will also want to get stuck into the planning and organization of your big day! So are you looking for some tasks and jobs he can do to help you sort out your wedding? Here are some ideas to get you started!

Dad Feeling Left Out? Here's Everything The Father Of The Bride Can Do To Help OutImage Source

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Even The Cake Was In Tiers: Little Extras To Touch Your Guests’ Hearts

 Little Extras To Touch Your Guests' HeartsPhoto Source

You think you’ve got everything sorted. Invites have been sent. The venue is booked, and you have finally picked out a dress. The cake is being made; your flowers have been arranged, and the bridesmaids have finally agreed on a uniform style of dress. To cut a long story short, the essentials are covered. Now’s the especially fun part. Arranging the special touches and personal details. These are the things that will make your wedding especially memorable. The touches that will make your wedding inherently relevant to you and your guests. Here are a few ideas to make your day and your guests’ experience even better.

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Wedding Planning Disagreements: How To Resolve Them Quickly

Believe it or not, planning a wedding is not always stress-free and romantic. In fact, it’s one of the most high-pressured and complicated things you are likely to ever do. So it’s not hard to see why many couples disagree throughout the wedding planning process. From choosing a venue to the size of the guest list, you might have very different ideas of what you want. These disagreements are impossible to avoid and can make your planning even more challenging. But by dealing with them quickly and finding suitable solutions, they don’t need to have such an adverse effect. Here are three common disagreements that couples have during the planning process and how you can quickly resolve them.

Wedding Planning DisagreementsPic

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Cute Ways to Coordinate Bride and Groom Wedding Outfits

Working out outfits for the bride and groom can be one of the toughest parts of the planning. Traditionally, the groom isn’t meant to see the bride in her dress until the big day. Much of the time, this stretches to the groom not seeing the dress at all. However, you still might want to take some steps to coordinate your outfits for your wedding. You might have picked a themed wedding so you both need themed outfits. Or perhaps you want to ensure you have some touches of color that match each other. If you want your outfits to show that you’re a couple, here’s what you can match up.

Cute Ways to Coordinate Bride and Groom Wedding OutfitsSource: Allan Ajifo

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Common Wedding Stresses And How To Survive Them

When you first got engaged, you probably had a very clear idea of how your wedding planning was going to happen. In your head, you and your husband-to-be sat together on the floor in pyjamas, cutting and sticking your wedding mood board together. Then, you made a few quick phone calls, and voila! Everything was booked and now all you had to do was turn up on the day. If you are currently mid-way through planning your own wedding, you will know just how wrong this is. It’s ironic that planning for what is meant to be the happiest day of our lives is just so darn stressful. But, don’t let it ruin your big day! There are ways you can avoid some of the most common pre-wedding problems, and ways you can cope should you find yourself faced with any issues.

Common wedding stressesImage source

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How To Pull Off A Wedding Color Scheme That’s Both Cool And Classy

These days, a wedding is just as much a visual experience as it is an emotional one. We live in the digital era where everyone is used to sharing their dream-like homes, holidays and yes, weddings, on the likes of Pinterest. In the run-up to your big day, you’ve probably spent quite a lot of time perusing picture perfect weddings online for inspiration. One of the best ways to tie all your wedding together is by using a color scheme. It can be scary adding color to an otherwise neutral-colored affair, but there are ways it can be done. Gone are the days when wedding color schemes were garish, tasteless and predictable. The wedding color scheme has been revamped for the 21st century, and can give you that Instagram-perfect wedding you’ve always dreamed of!

The cake

White wedding cakes may be traditional, but they are quickly going out of fashion. The recent surge in the popularity of making means that more and more people are wanting a showstopper cake to impress their guests with. Speak to a local bakery or wedding cake company about what you would like and how they can bring your idea to life.

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Proposals 101 – Getting Your Engagement Right

Getting engaged is a huge deal these days. It seems like fewer couples reach the decision to marry each other. And some choose engagement as the alternative to a legally binding ceremony. This is why it is so important to get the proposal and engagement right. You want this stage of your relationship to be the most special part of your bonding so far. But you also need to make sure everyone else knows what it means to you both as a couple.

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How to find a cheap wedding venue!

Struggling to find a cheap wedding venue?

how to find a cheap wedding venueThe average wedding in the United States costs well over $20,000, and for many, that’s far beyond a standard budget. One of the biggest expenses is a venue, so lets look at some ways to find a cheap wedding venue.

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Budget Driving You Bonkers? Here’s How To Keep Your Cool

Weddings are expensive. No matter how you approach your wedding planning, the budget can be one of the worst words in your vocabulary. Everything revolves around it. It’s the difference between having what you want to having what you can afford. Every bride’s budget varies. Which is why it’s so important to keep your cool throughout the whole process. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you a few tips on how you can do that during your wedding planning.


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Start As You Mean To Go On: Don’t Let That Honeymoon Period End!

We all go through a bit of a honeymoon period at the start of relationships. You know, the stage where you can’t seem to keep away from each other. Then habit sets in, we start noticing their faults…and the honeymoon period ends. However, if you still have a great relationship, marriage tends to follow. Getting married is such an exciting time, especially because of the actual honeymoon you both get to have afterwards! Start your honeymoon as you mean to go on, and you might just find the honeymoon period doesn’t end this time. Read on to find out how you can make this happen…

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Additional Wedding Costs To Work Into Your Budget

image00Image link

There’s no doubt that weddings are expensive, but with the right planning and budgeting you can make sure everything runs smoothly. Along with the ceremony and reception, there are a couple of other expenses you’ll need to account for when you’re planning a wedding. Being sure that you’re not overlooking anything means you will have the best success and not overspend. Here are a few things to consider!

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8 Techniques To Make Your Wedding Pictures Stand Out

There aren’t many things from your wedding day that last forever. It’s going to be one of the most special and memorable days of your entire life, so it’s nice to have things there to help you look back on the day. This is why hiring a quality photographer is crucial! However, most people don’t realize that there are a number of different wedding photography styles, and things you can do to make your pictures stand out. If you want to make sure you’re 100% happy with your pictures, here’s what you need to do:

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Flowers, Photos And Fizz – Adding Touches Of Luxury To Your Wedding

We’re guessing you’ve already started creating your wedding binder for your big day. And you probably have a stack of dedicated boards on your Pinterest account and are already planning your guest list. So today we’re going to concentrate on some of the other elements of your wedding that will add luxury touches to your special day. Of course, flowers, photography, and fizz will never be overlooked. But today we’re going to give you some ideas for unique ways to include them in your wedding to add an extra splash of pizzazz.

image01Image credit:

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Want A Luxurious Honeymoon? Here’s What To Consider

Planning a wedding can be hard work at times. Some couples tend to be so focused on the day ahead that the honeymoon can be a forgotten thought. Whereas some couples focus solely on the honeymoon, and the wedding is a more relaxed affair. Whatever your style I think all newly engaged couples want to have the best day and honeymoon they can.

image01Image credit

However, one thing we can all agree on is that a honeymoon should be something that is once in a lifetime. Let’s face it; we only plan on getting married the once. So if you are considering a honeymoon that is a little more luxurious than the norm, then here is what you should consider.

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Common Errors Brides Make With Their Wedding Dress And Accessories!

Choosing your wedding attire is one of the most stressful and exciting parts of wedding planning. You get to try on a whole bunch of dresses before you find the right one for you. However, it’s not just the dress you need to worry about with shapewear, shoes, and jewelry is just as important to complete your look. Here are some common errors brides make with their wedding dress and accessories that you need to avoid!

image02Public Domain Pictures

They don’t sort out the underwear till last minute

One thing you must decide on once you have chosen your dress is whether or not you will need a bra. A lot of wedding dresses come with an insert so that your breasts are supported in the dress. However, some brides regret not getting a strapless bra so that they have an extra lift in the dress. Therefore, if you do want to get a new bra, you should make sure you go before you have your first fitting. Otherwise, the dress might sit differently without it, so they will need you to wear it for the appointment. Don’t make the mistake of leaving it till the last minute; you can find many great stores selling lingerie perfect for your wedding. Moreover, wearing underwear made of viscose from bamboo is a good idea to promote utmost comfort down there when you’re wearing your wedding dress.

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