5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Wedding Professionals (And Not Your Family And Friends)


When planning your wedding, it is understandable that you want to save money as much as possible. For that reason, you will be keen to enlist your family and friends to help you with some of the tasks on the big day. However, no matter how willing your nearest and dearest are, some jobs need to be left to the professionals. Your mum may be a whiz in the kitchen, but when it comes to catering for a large number of guests, you want to leave it to the experts at the event venue to prepare the food for the big day.

These are the reasons why you should seriously consider paying out for that professional touch on your wedding day.

1. Professionals are reliable

Your best mate may offer to do your hair on the big day, but if she turns up late, or fails to turn up at all because she has drunk too much the night before, you are going to feel as deflated as your hairdo. On the other hand, a professional is contractually obliged to fulfill the task you have given them to do. After all, they are trying to run a business, so it is in their best interest to serve your every need, in order to get paid at the end of the day.

2. Professionals are experienced

Your uncle may be great at taking snaps with his smartphone, but nothing beats the talent of a professional photographer. They have the skill to produce photographs that you will look back on with pride in years to come, capturing your special day with a fine eye and a sense of finesse. Somebody with experience will greatly reduce the stress you will be feeling on the day as well. Knowing the important jobs have been left in safe hands will help you deal with some of the smaller tasks during the day.

3. Professionals don’t sulk

Professionals shouldn’t throw a temper tantrum when you ask them to try something a little different. Whereas, you risk straining a relationship with family members or friends should something go wrong. Your mother-in-law won’t appreciate you telling her how awful her ‘famed’ fish balls taste, but a professional caterer will make amends, and try to bend themselves according to your wishes. Provided you’re not too fussy, of course!

4. Professionals have pride in their work

You don’t want any slapdash efforts on your wedding day. Your aunt may be great in the garden, but that doesn’t mean she knows how to put a bouquet of flowers together. A professional, on the other hand, will take the time to do a job well done. This is what they (probably) enjoy doing for a living, so not only do they want to please you on the big day, but they want to take home that job satisfaction in knowing they have created something beautiful to help you celebrate your day.

5. Professionals are there to work

Your family and friends want to enjoy the wedding (almost) as much as you do. So let the professionals do all the hard work, and spend time having fun with your loved ones on your happy day.


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