Essential pre-wedding grooming routine for men


One of the biggest days of your life is just around the corner and planning is in full swing. Brides will have spent months deciding on their dress, shoes, accessories and hair style whereas grooms have the tendency to get their suits and ties sorted and think that their work is done!

Sometimes, for men, there are a few more things that need to be considered before the big day in terms of personal maintenance. Men, this is nothing to be afraid of and your bride will definitely be appreciative that you have taken the time to see to these little finishing touches.

We’ve teamed up with Trendhim to talk about some essential grooming measures you should take before your big day begins.


How long before your wedding you decide to get your hair cut depends on your personal preference. If you like your hair to look freshly trimmed, then get it cut a day or two before the wedding and if you like it to look a little more natural, then maybe do it a week before.

Make sure you book an appointment well ahead of time with a barber that you have been to before. A last minute session with a new barber could lead to disaster and wedding photos that leave you regretting that haircut for the rest of your life.

Sort your facial hair

No matter whether you go clean shaven, have a little stubble or rock a full-on beard, the most important thing is that it looks neat and tidy.


Start your shave by having a hot shower to allow the resulting steam to soften your hairs and open your pores. If you don’t have time for a shower (you should probably make time if it’s the day of your wedding!) then hold a hot cloth over your face for a couple of minutes to replicate the results of a shower.

Use a shaving foam or cream that you are familiar with and you know doesn’t cause your face any irritation. Distribute it evenly across your face, either with your hands or a shaving brush and then get to work. Shave in short strokes to avoid a build-up of hair on the razor and don’t apply too much pressure to your razor as this can leave you with unnecessary nicks and cuts.

Finish your shave by washing your face with some warm water and by using a face wash you are familiar with to clean out your clogged pores. Finish off by applying some moisturiser and you’re done!


For you bearded men, life is a little easier. If you don’t already, consider starting to use beard balm a few weeks before the wedding to maintain soft and healthy hair. Run a brush or a comb through the hairs regularly, but never when the hairs are wet as this could lead to breakage and hair loss.

On the morning of your wedding, give your beard a little trim to ensure it’s an even length and also sharpen the edges with a razor. Just make sure you do this before you shower so the trimmed hairs are not stuck to your clothes or body by the time the wedding begins.

Pay attention to your hands

Hands may seem like an unusual body part to draw attention to here, but for your wedding day they are actually very important. There will almost certainly be a few pictures taken of you and your new wife’s hands with your wedding bands on so make sure they’re ready for their close up.

If you’re really committed to the grooming effort, then consider booking yourself in for a manicure the week before the wedding. Don’t worry, you aren’t the first man to do it and you certainly won’t be the last!

If you decide to skip the manicure, then just make your fingernails are trimmed before the big day and that there is no dirt stuck underneath your newly trimmed nails on the day of the wedding. Also consider applying some hand cream before the ceremony for a really nice finishing touch.

Stray hairs

On your visit to the barber that we discussed above, ask him to tackle your ears and nose hairs if he offers that service. If not, you can simply use some nails scissors or a specialist tool to tackle those hairs.

You should also take a look at your eyebrows. Men are lucky in the sense that they need not pay too much attention to their eyebrows, as long as there’s no obvious hairs growing between the two brows, all is ok.

However, if you want to make sure you look extra smart, then you could also tidy up the hairs above and below each eyebrow but it may be best to leave this to a professional.