The Wedding Venue Checklist: Key Things to Look Out For

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The first thing that you should do when organizing a wedding is finding the perfect venue. There are plenty of appropriate venues that will “make do” out there, but the best weddings are always those where the venue seems tailor-made for the bride and groom. So, it’s best to get looking as early as possible. After all, what could possibly be worse than finding the venue of your dreams and coming to realize that it is already fully booked up for your intended wedding date? Follow this checklist to ensure that your wedding venue lives up to all of your expectations for the big day.


Capacity is key. After all, a venue may be beautiful, but what’s the use of it if your family and friends are unable to fit inside to witness the ceremony? You also want to avoid making your wedding feel empty and unattended by opting for a space that is much too large to be filled. So pick wisely. Decide on your guest numbers and ensure that you only go to see places where there are sufficient spaces. Many engaged couples will view places “just to have a look”, but unless you’re willing to brutally slash guest numbers or invite a whole lot of casual acquaintances to simply fill spaces, there’s no point and you might as well save yourself the time and effort.


The list of potential wedding venues is constantly on the rise, as people become increasingly creative with their ventures. Traditional venues such as churches or mansions remain ever popular. However, entertainment complexes as venues are increasing in popularity with those looking for a more modern approach. They generally have more entertainment options for guests to engage with and rooms or hotel-style suites where people can stay for the night if they so wish. If you want to have something really out there, why not consider a wedding in a cinema, or at the top of a ski slope? The options are endless, so settle on a style early on and stick with it throughout the rest of your planning process.


Keep an eye out for deals or packages. Some venues offer special discounts if you are booking for a certain number of guests and it’s almost always best to opt for these. They may also offer packages where you can book the venue, catering, DJs and other aspects of the day altogether. Not only is this likely to save you money, but it will also reduce the number of things that you have to sort out yourself. Companies that are contracted to certain venues are also generally reliable, as they are familiar with the particular venue and most likely local. This will result in fewer hiccups on the day and less need for practice runs.

Checking these simple things off your to-do list early on in the planning process will free up your mind and time to focus on other, smaller but more personal things, such as invites, wedding favors, speeches, photographers and table arrangements.

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