How To Create The Perfect Celtic Wedding

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes and with a variety of different themes, making it incredibly difficult to know where to start when planning yours. There are so many weddings, these days, that seem to look similar and be using the same themes and styles so it’s normal to want to break the mould and do something different, that is unique to you.

One type of wedding that remains unique, special and timeless is the beautiful, celtic wedding. Combining so many different traditions and offering a wonderful wedding theme, perhaps this is just the style of wedding you could be looking for. Read on for ideas on how you can organise your very own romantic, celtic wedding.

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The Ceremony

The symbolic ritual of ‘handfasting’ is a beautiful, ancient tradition that can be performed at a celtic wedding ceremony. Handfasting includes a length of fabric or a rope, that is wrapped around the bride and grooms hands. You can use a piece of fabric that is meaningful to you like a great grandmother’s scarf, or a baby blanket that one of you were christened in. Alternatively you could use a fabric that would best suit the colour and theme of the church, or building in which you are getting married. This part of the ceremony represents the unity that you are both agreeing to, moving forwards in life as man and wife.

The rings, as probably the most important detail of the whole ceremony, should be in keeping with the overall theme of your wedding. Titanium Rings are not only wonderfully elegant, they are also available in celtic styles that will really set off your magical celtic wedding theme.


Of course we can’t talk about a celtic wedding without talking about the bagpipe. A wedding bagpiper can be used at many different moments throughout a celtic wedding so you have flexibility in choosing the different moments in which you would want him, or her, to play. Your piper can perform next to the groom as the bride makes her way down the aisle, or can play as you make your way down the aisle, hand in hand, as man and wife.

Your bagpiper can play outside the church, or whatever venue you choose to do your wedding in, as you meet and greet all your guests and as you receive all your congratulations and get covered in confetti. He can play as you walk into the great hall for your wedding dinner or could even serenade you to your first dance. However and whenever you choose to have the bagpipes playing you can be confident that it will bring a rich and vibrant celtic heritage to your wedding proceedings.

All In the Detail

There are many customs and traditions surrounding celtic weddings. It is typical for the bride to carry a horseshoe, which is meant to bestow good luck upon the newly married couple. Of course carrying a horseshoe around all day is perhaps a little heavy and tiresome so the modern day equivalent is to have a pretty little horseshoe symbol sewn into the side of the bride’s dress or somewhere on the hand fasting wrap.

A nice tradition for the groom is the ‘grushie’ custom. This involves the groom throwing handfuls of coins into the air at the wedding reception or as he and his new wife leave the church to be greeted by their family, friends and well wishers.

Celtic weddings traditionally were always carried out bare foot. This symbolizes both the bride and groom’s connection with the earth and was said to be done in celebration and praise of mother nature. With brides now having such a wide selection of beautiful wedding shoes to choose from, a modern day alternative can be to do just the ceremony bare footed and then pop the pretty heels on for the rest of the celebration.

Whether you choose just one, or love the idea of all of the above celtic wedding customs, they all certainly promise to add little areas of unique wedding sparkle and magic to your wedding day.

The Venue

Celtic weddings are very much founded in nature and usually find some way of integrating nature and the great outdoors into the ceremony and wedding day. Whether you choose to bring the outdoors indoors with a wide range of plants and rustic flowers, or whether you choose to do your whole wedding outdoors, the wildness of the celtic wedding tradition is an important feature.

Choosing the right venue for your wedding can be one of the most difficult parts of any weddings and if you chose to do it outside it is always wise to have a Plan B,just in case the weather doesn’t work in your favour on the day.

Woodland wedding ceremonies and wedding parties are wonderfully celtic in nature and are a fantastic way to enjoy your special day in a magical woodland environment. Again however, if the weather turns you are going to need an alternative indoor venue to make sure you and all your guests can stay dry and warm.

The Dress

Celtic wedding dresses are beautifully romantic and so the best place to start would be to hire a specialised celtic wedding dress designer to make sure you and your wedding dress are in the best hands. A lot of celtic brides feature the design or sewing in of a knot somewhere within their wedding dresses, as the celtic knot symbolises love, commitment and life.

The Honeymoon

Why don’t you finish off your perfect celtic wedding by flying off to enjoy your honeymoon in a stunning celtic castle? Travelling to a historically celtic land for your honeymoon can be incredibly romantic as you take in the dramatic landscape and the beautiful surroundings most historically celtic locations offer. Jump online and research some of the best celtic spots for romantic getaways and find the ideal place to wrap up your magical celtic wedding and enjoy your first moments as man and wife.

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