5 Things You Must Include At Your Wedding

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Weddings are often the most defining moments of our lives. They are able to capture the moment you are your chosen partner properly begin your new lives together, something to remember forever! However, weddings are an absolute pain to plan out and organize and can cost a lot of money too! If you want to make your preparation easy, but have the best effect for your wedding, then read on for the 5 things you have to include in your wedding!

Seating Plans

Often the most laborious part of planning a wedding is the seating plan. You have to figure out how many people to invite and where to sit them all, making sure that everyone is happy where they are sat! Not everyone will know each other at your wedding so it’s important that you don’t split apart family units, or seat people together that do not know each other, this will avoid any awkward situations later on! Even having the floor plan itself and trying to visualize it can be difficult because you need to remember who is going where, but websites like WeddingMapper have got you covered. Websites like these allow you to input a list and a certain amount of tables and chairs per table, giving you the easy ability to select people to sit at certain tables all from your comput410e0r screen. No need to worry about if you’ve forgotten someone as the website will tell you, meaning that you get the best seating plan for your wedding as possible without missing anyone out!

A Food Focal Point

Food is another massive part of a wedding, apart from the speeches and the couples first dance (if that is their thing!) the food is one of the main parts of a wedding party. If the food is poor then people will remember your wedding badly and you won’t be having as good a time as you deserve! Get it right though, and you can make your wedding fantastic. Coming into fashion nowadays is having huge hog roasts, provided by companies such as Uncle Bubs. These huge animals are cooked right in front of everyone, and being full sized can provide for quite a spectacle, something that people don’t very often see! This makes your wedding much more memorable for you and everyone else who is attending, not to mention getting a very high quality food on your plate!

Spouse Themed Games

It may sound childish, but games are always part of any fun wedding! Having the bride and groom, or two brides or two grooms if you’re attending a gay wedding, play games together and allowing everyone else to join in makes the night much more interactive. The common problem with weddings is that they end up feeling like very stiff, formal affairs when they should be the exact opposite! By playing games you can eliminate the tense atmosphere and ensure that everyone has a good time. You could get your guests to create the best centerpiece they can out of paper and tape, you could get them to compete for the most ridiculous dance, the possibilities are endless, if you want some more ideas along these lines then read this to get you started.

The Right Playlist

A musical playlist is very important at a wedding, and denotes the mood entirely. It’s important to get the music absolutely right in order to achieve the kind of wedding you want! If you want an upbeat wedding then put some upbeat music on and don’t bother with putting mellowed classical music on, but if you want a formal, posh wedding then perhaps classical music is the way for you! However, most of us don’t know what songs to put into a playlist for the multiple hours that a wedding goes on for, so it’s good that companies like Spotify have a wide range of music available for you to put onto a playlist, and suggest which ones you should add on as well! This can lead to a very long and suitable playlist for your wedding, all you have to do is plug your phone into some speakers! A growing trend now is having live bands play at weddings, this can be very memorable but also can cost a lot of money so keep in mind your budget when thinking of doing this.


Photographs are the main way that you will be able to look back at your wedding. In years to come it will be lovely to look over photos of your wedding, how it was laid out, who was there and what you looked like depending on how long ago it was! The best way to do this is by taking photos, but due to the nature of a wedding you’re going to find you don’t have the time to be constantly taking photos! This is why it’s good to hire a photographer, companies like gigmaster offer hirable photographers that can suit your needs! This means that you don’t have to worry about taking the photos, neither do you have to worry about having the equipment or the skill! These professional photographers come with their own equipment, and have the skills to take the perfect photos which is what everyone wants for their wedding, so why not!

There you have it, the top 5 things to include at your wedding! Hiring a photographer means you don’t have to worry about taking the photos yourself because it’s already done for you, and using professional music services means that you won’t have to worry about music coming on that might kill the mood! Having spectacular food to is sure to put you in the right direction for something memorable, as well as getting everyone involved in some silly games! Remember, your wedding is supposed to be for you, if you don’t enjoy it then no one else will! Plan it to be to your interests and not anyone else’s, it’s your day so make it yours! If you don’t know what kind of wedding you want but know that you are after something elegant, read this for some inspiration.