Planning For The Unforeseen When Planning A Wedding

You’re wandering along the various different wedding plans you have for your special day, and suddenly something takes you mind of the happy times ahead. You may have heard from a friend or been to a wedding where something completely out of the blue harms or even destroys the day’s jovial proceedings. Slowly you begin to wonder if your day will fall victim to the harsh mistress of misfortune. The truth is, no matter how well you plan, and how hard you try to avoid certain circumstances, something is bound to go wrong. However, with the big issues around finances and logistics done, it’s not likely to be something that will be obvious or large. It’s always the small things that spiral out of control that ruin a wedding. Even for the little things, you can plan ahead and problem-proof your celebration so the uncommon goofs and gaffes that lead to tragedy can be well and truly avoided.

wedding foodImage by – Silar

Food allergies and emergency menu

Food and beverages are going to play the star of the show, once the ceremony is over and the party is in full flow. However, the guests who will bring along their children may have allergic reactions to some foods which their parents forgot to tell you. The last thing you want is someone to have a medical emergency at your wedding. Equally, some people may feel that you didn’t give enough options to the guests regarding the menu. To plan ahead, you can hire medically trained staff who can be seated somewhere out of the way and be ready to pounce into action when you call them. Regarding the food, you should have an emergency menu which can be quickly made by the chef and his or her team. Draw up the menu by avoiding ingredients that have the most common allergic reactions toward.

sad brideCredit – Cary Bass-deschenes

Being let down by the supplier

A supplier falling through on their contract to give you a venue or the right amount of time that you paid for can damage or stop proceedings. A caterer who hasn’t gone through and delivered a great service, i.e. the food was cold, poorly cooked, or so late that guests began to leave early, should fork you the entirety of the bill. A wedding car that hasn’t arrived or had to be cancelled at the last minute by the company is disastrous if you have no backup. It’s wise then, to buy wedding insurance from such a company like There are various tiers which you can choose from, dividing many issues into different severities. By calculating the money you spent on a service, and the insurance policy, you can avoid being out of pocket by thousands of pounds if you buy a safety net. Whether it’s cancellations, of failure to supply as contracted, the insurance will cover such mishaps and wrongdoings.

big wedding cakePhoto by – Kurt Nordstrom

The cake collapse

One of the best ‘wow’ factor moments of the entire wedding will be the magnificent wedding cake. The cake’s design is a sign of the love you and your partner share. It’s a symbol of your love through the style of artistic design and the nature of craftsmanship that bestows upon you and your guests, a tangible, edible experience. Most wedding cakes have a minimal amount of tiers and the average for this being three. Over time the stacked-structure can weaken and eventually, melt and collapse like a high-rise building. The key is to only take the cake out of the freezer at the last moment. It’s tempting, to put it on display for all your guests to admire, but the room is going to be full of people. With the accumulation of body heats, the room is going to get hotter and hotter. The icing will begin to melt, and the cake’s sponge layers will become soggy and soft. Put it in a secure holding place like a walk-in freezer that you should check your venue’s kitchen has. Avoid the cake being too thick and heavy so that each layer can hold up the other without any trouble.

candlesPhoto source – CatherineT

Fire hazards

Most wedding parties go long into the night. Some of your guests, family, and friends, may not have seen each other for quite a while and may use this opportunity to reminisce and talk until sunrise. The most common form of light on the tables will be candles. And, the most common form of decoration will be flowers. Many fire emergencies happen because the two aren’t properly separated or children become too inquisitive and play with fire. One or the other must be firmly tied down. It’s best to stick the candles down onto the table, so the holders cannot be moved. The guests want to touch and smell the flowers; children may start to play with them. If a candle is knocked over, onto the flowers, the fire can spread quickly. Make sure the venue you’ve booked has fire extinguishers and fire blankets. But, most of all keep the flowers and candle flame away from each other.

Stain on the dress

A lot of wine will be drinking the night of your wedding. One of the most awful moment destroying things that can happen is the spillage of wine onto your wedding dress while at the party. A large red stain, on a pure white dress, is going to ruin the photographs of your special night. In a quick pinch, stain-removal wipes can work their magic on the most material so your dress can go back to looking like nothing happened. However, sometimes wipes don’t cut the mustard, and although they may fade the stain, the patch outline and colour still remains. It’s wise to have a little container of lemon juice and a dabbing cloth with your somewhere. It can be in one of your bridesmaids’ purses or anywhere that’s out of sight, like in the back room. A small volume of lemon juice will quickly applied to the affected area, can absorb and dissolve wine and food stains.

There are many things that can happen on your special day, and not all of them will be good. Financially you should also secure yourself, so you’re not left out in the lurch because a contract was broken. It’s very hard to have a perfect day, even if the planning is perfect itself. The key is to think of every eventuality that can happen at home, such as fire, stains, allergies, etc, and apply them to your wedding.