The Secrets To Documenting The Beauty Of Your Wedding

Weddings are such big and extravagant events that it can be quite difficult to capture the entire party in just a few photographs. When you’re organizing your wedding photography, it’s important you detail exactly which shots you want to be able to take away with you. Of course, every photographer is different, so you might have a particular style or approach in mind already.

Documenting the beauty of your wedding begins with a simple conversation and a list of what you’re hoping to capture. So where do you start? You might start with the arrival of the bride at the ceremony. But why not step back and consider documenting every moment that brought you there? The bridal boutique, the sampling of the menu, and even the proposal can be recorded and collated as part of your wedding album. What do you want to see?


Of course, it’s not just photographs that support your memories of the day. There are plenty of keepsakes and mementos for you to collect too. This is why memory or keepsake boxes are so handy! You can keep everything together in one place and enjoy reminiscing with it as the years go by. So what should go in there?

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There might be some rose petals from your confetti. Perhaps a piece of the jewelry you wore on the day? An invite, a buttonhole garnish, and the champagne bottle cork. All of these little things add up to wonderful memories of your amazing day. They help you remember your wedding and stir up all those amazing feelings too.


Should you choose a videographer or a photographer for your wedding? There is no harm in choosing both. Of course, the photos are ideal for populating your wedding photo album. Video takes more time to edit and produce, and there will be limited places where you can enjoy viewing it. Many people video the first dance. The rest of the wedding can be quite slow paced, so capturing moments that tell the story of your day with still images can be ideal.

Professional Photography

Wedding photography is an art form in itself. It’s usually best to hire a professional wedding photographer. If you’re keen to capture more than just the ceremony or reception, why not choose a pro?  Some, like photographer Vittore Buzzi, specialize in providing photography from your proposal and engagement too. Pick someone who is also excited to tell the full story of your coming together in matrimony.

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Chances are you’re going to want a couple portrait session before the big day. This will give you a great photo to use in your newspaper and social media announcements. You might even use it for the wedding invitations. Photographs set up in the studio are easily controlled, staged, and posed to create the very best image of the two of you. You can also do this for your wedding portrait, but chances are you’re after more natural pics of your big day.

The Art Of Telling The Story

Storytelling is really important in photography. You might want images where the facial expressions and positions of the people in the frame capture a moment that offers a narrative. These are often micro-moments that ordinarily you might not even notice. Some photographers specialize in this type of natural or documentary photography. Sometimes other guests are lucky enough to capture such images, but it’s best to use a pro with a good eye and technical know-how.

Beauty On Film

The bride is, without a doubt, the most beautiful person in the room. The dress, too, is elegant and gorgeous. Good wedding photographers will spend a little time setting up a shot to capture all the detail in the dress as well as the beauty of the bride wearing it. Have a little patience here, because the end result will be worth it!

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Your choice of venue will also make an appearance in many of your wedding photos. That’s why so many brides are keen to choose the most beautiful buildings surrounded by the most glorious landscapes. Don’t be afraid to travel ‘off-site’ to find other areas of outstanding beauty that can be used as a backdrop for your couple’s shots. A good photographer will already have a list of a few that might suit you.


Of course, if you have chosen an elopement, there might not be a lot of time to check out the best spots for photography. Instead, pick a more natural approach to your photography. The documentary style has the camera almost clicking constantly. This will give you the best variety and selection of imagery to choose from. After all, this kind of wedding is often shorter and less grandiose than a big planned wedding at a five-star venue. You want photography that is as intimate and charming as the occasion.

The most frequently asked for shots are:

The bride getting ready
The bride in the wedding car
The bride walking down the aisle to the groom
The groom meeting the bride
The couple saying their vows and exchanging rings
The kiss after ‘I do’
The couple leaving the ceremony venue with confetti in the air
A group or family photo
Cutting the cake
The first dance
The throwing of the bouquet

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Obviously, this list is quite short and limited. There is little that will highlight how beautifully the venue was decorated, or how charming the flower girl was. Nothing depicts the tears of happiness in Nanna’s eye as her granddaughter left for her honeymoon. Dozens of personal moments will be lost forever if you don’t have an eagle-eyed photographer to capture them!

Too many?

It is impossible to list every photograph that may be taken on the day. And, of course, you might have an album-full before the big day to sort through. Then there is the honeymoon too. So how can you avoid having too many images? It’s unlikely all of the photos will be taken by your wedding photographer. There may be many more that you find on your friends’ FaceBook pages or other social media platforms.

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To make sure you can find and view all of the pictures you want to see, why not start an online page or account? Your friends and family can upload and share the photos and videos they take. You can create small albums of your favorites, and maybe even print out the best ones. Of course, it’s important not to rely on these images as they may fall short in quality for a formal wedding photo. They are undoubtedly ideal as a record of what your guests saw though.

The Guests

Some of the images you might be keen to collect could include interactions between the guests. Dances, dinner conversations, and even those awkward introductions at the beginning of the evening can make lovely photos. Try to have a reason for photographing items. Pics of gorgeous garlands and beautiful buttonholes can be boring on their own. Have a person in the frame or aim to create a story out of the pics. They can be used as covers for albums or faded to make a pretty background for a page.

Don’t forget – this is your wedding day. Yes, it’s gorgeous and beautiful, and you want every moment captured forever. But it’s supposed to be a fun, romantic, family occasion. It’s all about your interactions with each guest and your partner. These are the images that are important, and you should be a part of them. That means you can’t personally capture every one. And if you’re busy worrying about the next shot, then you’re not engaging your party and having fun! Congratulations.