Unique Features That Could GIve Your Wedding The Wow Factor

Weddings are fast becoming more than just saying your “I do’s” and declaring your love for one another. A wedding is now so much more than that. Couples these days are striving for unique ways to celebrate their love for one another. Hoping to capture the perfect pictures or video of their day, a memory for them to look back on years to come. So if you find yourself starting your wedding planning journey you may be pondering over the question about how you can make your day unique. Well here are a few ideas to help you get started.


Consider unique destinations

Who says you have to get married in your local town or village? There is no rule book for that. So why don’t you consider giving your wedding the wow factor by booking a destination wedding? This might mean having a beach wedding or saying “I do” on top of a skyscraper building. It might mean choosing a location you both love or have fond memories from. The destination can give your wedding that extra something. However, if you are considering a destination wedding try and give your guests as much notice as possible. This will help you to avoid any disappointment with regards to their own finances of getting there and time off from their commitments.

Think about your interests to make your wedding different

Sometimes what makes a wedding unique is putting your own personal spin on it. So think about what interests you and your partner and what you have in common. You may share a love for the Harry Potter films, making a Hogwarts inspired wedding a real possibility. Or perhaps you are both mad on sport and want to incorporate your favourite sports team into the theme or the wedding location itself. There are no boundaries, it is your day.

Don’t stick with the traditional if it doesn’t suit you

No one has made it set in stone that your wedding ceremony must take place in a church, and your reception has to be in a hotel. While tradition is important to some, for others it just doesn’t work for them. Each to their own. So if you are not a traditionalist then go against the grain and choose a location or wedding itinerary that suits you both as a couple. Maybe even thinking about some crazy entertainment for your guests like a mechanical bull hire, a band, photo booth or games. This will make your day far more enjoyable for everyone as well as yourselves. However, on the flip side if you are a traditionalist then don’t be afraid to incorporate your own personal touches to the affair. It is your day afterall.


Try a wedding website and go all digital

Finally, a totally different spin on wedding planning would be to do all things digital. That means setting up your own wedding website for guests to RSVP to or even creating your own hashtag. These are both great ways of getting a more digital feel to your wedding. You might even want to connect the social media options to big screens at your wedding reception. Allowing your guests to see what they post in real time.

I hope these unique wedding ideas give your day the wow factor.


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