The Groom And His Attire For Your Wedding Day

Most women have what they would like their dream wedding to be like planned out from childhood, but what their groom-to-be is going to wear probably hasn’t had much thought. Weddings are often centered on the bride’s wedding dress and how gorgeous she is going to look that the groom’s suit gets overlooked. Today, I’m going to be talking about how you can find the perfect suit for your groom.


  • Pick your color scheme.
    Once you know what color(s) your entire wedding is going to be based around, you can incorporate this into your fiancé’s attire. This could be in the form of shirts, cufflinks, cravats, ties, bow ties, pocket squares, socks, and shoes. Another idea is to have the color of the suit jacket and trousers to match the color scheme, although accessories are normally the favorite option to use.

  • Ask what he thinks he would like for his suit.
    It’s likely that most men just go along with the planning, but ask him what he wants to wear on his wedding day. He may have some fantastic ideas and that way, you can sit together and figure everything out together. Afterall, it’s his day too.


  • Think about his groomsmen.
    Obviously, you want your groom to stand out and be different from his groomsmen, so think about how you can tie their suits alongside his. If for example, you’ve chosen to have his cravat and pocket square to match your color scheme, you could match his groomsmen up with their shirts or ties. Just be sure that their attire doesn’t look as good as hubby’s does!
  • Go for something different.
    Consider incorporating suede into the suit. Although you will have to find a tailor who can work with suede, having something different will certainly make a statement and get your groom noticed.
  • Accessories.
    Briefly mentioned earlier, you will need to think about which accessories you both think he should wear. Cravats are a traditional piece for the groom to wear, but depending on the theme and the location, you may choose to go for something a little different. Try to picture all of the accessories combined on your wedding day, and decide from there.
  • Shoes.
    Once you have picked out a suit, you will need to think about what kind of shoes your groom is going to wear. See if he has any ideas on what he would like to wear. Remember to consider where you are getting married, as footwear can become a problem if you’re tying the knot somewhere unusual. For example, if you’re getting married on the beach, the whole attire will change, not just the shoes.
  • Get him pampered!
    It’s likely that you’re going to be pampered before your wedding day so that you will glow as you walk down the aisle, so why not have your groom do the same? You could turn it into a spa day that you have together. Looking youthful and having clear skin in your wedding photos will be something you will both be thankful for.



Now we have got your groom’s suit sorted, it’s time to think about your wedding day. You’re both going to look stunning, so why not show it off even more? You could practice poses and finding your best angle for the wedding pictures. Helping each other figure out how to have your hair (after all, he is the one you want to impress that day) and even makeup too.

Practicing your dancing together is something else you could be doing. Take classes if neither of you know what you’re meant to be doing and ask someone beforehand to record your first dance together so you have something to look back on and cherish.

Sit down together and write your vows. Being sat opposite your one true love can make it easier to write down what you really feel. Even if your vows are going to be a surprise to each other on the day, having them there while you’re writing it will make it feel more special.

Your wedding day is going to be among one of the best days of your life, if not the best entirely. Remember to make sure that both of you are happy with every little detail for the wedding, and you’ll be sure to have a fantastic day.

All of the best for the future!