3 Outfit Choices For The Groom That Every Bride Wants To See

Every bride loves the moment they see their spouse-to-be in their wedding attire for the first time. More and more men are taking their time in choosing the perfect outfit. Brides often like to have a say so that colors can be coordinated, and styles can be carefully matched. This is, after all, a very formal occasion, despite being the happiest day of your lives. So what will he be wearing on your big day?

Kilts And Other Cultural Attire

Many men may moan and whine when asked to wear their cultural attire on any other day of the year. But, when it comes to their wedding, most men with strong family traditions or customs are happy to don traditional garments. This might include a kilt, hakama and haori, or even sherwani. It often doesn’t matter where in the world you are marrying. A wedding is a big family event so traditional and family customs from each culture often play a part.

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If your fiance is prepared to wear traditional costumes, then make sure your local laws don’t clash! Some traditional outfits come with concealed weapons like blades! Others traditionally incorporate banned materials like ivory or fur. Some compromises may need to be made. Don’t forget, you can wear whatever suits you personally. Sometimes it’s nice to see two different cultures joining together.

A Contemporary Suit

Tuxedos and morning suits are a little bit dated if you’re after a contemporary style for your wedding. While they might look smart, they can age the groom, and be awkward and uncomfortable to wear. If you want a more modern wedding, then read more here about how to shop for the right suit for your beau. There are still plenty of cuts, fabrics, styles, and looks to choose from. With so much choice, it is easier to pick a suit that best suits your fiance’s body shape.

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With a contemporary suit comes a contemporary hair cut. Your husband-to-be will undoubtedly book himself in for some grooming before the big day. However, it might be worth considering a little more fine attention to nails and unwanted hair too. After all, everyone is going to be looking at the rings AFTER they’ve been placed on your fingers!

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Workplace Uniform

For many men, their career is a huge part of their life. In fact, their colleagues are as close as family. Any man that works in the services will undoubtedly have a ‘culture’ that goes with it. Part of that culture includes the dress uniform. Whether your man works for the emergency services or the armed forces, that uniform comes with a lot of pride. It also dates the photos for your wedding, as uniforms change from time to time. It might be incredibly important for your man to wear that uniform on his big day.

If you’re not sure about this, just remember, this is the life you’re marrying into! Undoubtedly, many of his guests will also be in their dress uniforms. Embrace it, and welcome to the family! Have a beautiful and very well dressed wedding.