Weddings In A Hurry For Last-Minute Planners


More often than not, couples set their wedding day way off in the future, so that they have a year or so to get planning. But for various reasons, some people may only have a very short time in which to organize their big day. Worried that you might run out of time to get things sorted? Don’t! It’s just as easy to plan a wedding in a short period of time. Read on to find out how to organize a wedding in a hurry!

Be Flexible With Your Venue

The chances are that all the popular venues in your area will be booked up for a couple of months. So, if you only give yourself one month to plan your wedding, you will need to be flexible and have a different venue in mind. However, it is worth getting in touch with the more popular venues as they might be able to squeeze you in if they get a cancellation. Give them a call, and they will add you to their wedding list.


Buy The Rings Together

Once you get engaged, you will probably only think about buying your engagement ring. But seeing as you don’t have a lot of time to organize your big day, you should also look for your wedding ring as well. Some jewelers will do discounts or deals when you buy engagement and wedding rings together, so it is worth shopping around to see if where you can get the best price.

Don’t Hesitate With Invites

There is no point sitting around waiting to send out all your invitations. After all, you only have a month or less before your wedding day! Send your invites out as soon as possible to ensure that most of your guests can get the time off work if needed. Even if you are having a weekend wedding, it gives them plenty of time to keep the date free so that they don’t double book themselves!


Don’t Wait To Book Other Key Players

There will be a few different people you need to book to work on your wedding day. These include the photographer, wedding band, and caterers. Ideally, you need to book all of these as soon as you decide to get married. If you only have a month to your wedding, you won’t have much time to delay your search. Make a short list of possible people to hire as soon as possible, find out what they each cost, and then book the one that works best for you and your wedding. That way, you can secure a wedding band, caterers, and photographer for your big day.

Tell Your Wedding Party

You won’t have much time to sort out bridesmaid dresses or a best man’s suit so you might want to ask your wedding party to set their own clothes. You can always pay them back if you feel bad about making them pay for their own suit or dress.

As you can see, a wedding in a hurry is totally possible!