Simplifying The Wedding

There are big weddings and there are small weddings, but all weddings are a production.

If you are very flexible and easy-going you can simplify the wedding.

Here are a few tips that will keep the wedding simple, but still an event to remember.

Keep the guest list small

The more people you invite to the wedding the more planning you have to do. You have to have seating, food, parking, and other accommodations. By keeping the guest’s list to close family and friends, you are able to use various venues without too much planning.


The bridal gown is the biggest part of the wedding attire. Unless you have your heart set on the men in tuxedos and the brides in matching gowns, here is where you can simplify. Limit the bridesmaids to two or three and let them choose their dresses. You can give them a color scheme and basic instructions, like tea-length in blue. Then let the bridesmaids select a dress that looks good on them. The men can go more casual with a button down shirt with a vest which will work well with jeans or dress pants.

Have it catered

Choose a basic menu and allow a caterer to handle the service. Choose a venue that has seating, or make it an outdoor finger food event. Keep it simple and easy.

You can also check with your caterer if they would do a basic candy buffet for your wedding – both children and adults will be thrilled by the splash of colors and flavors.

Easy decorations

Bows and ribbons with a few flowers are enough decoration for most weddings. Keep the decorations simple and elegant. Consider an outdoor wedding in a gazebo or a vineyard, where the natural beauty of the setting is evident.


Simple wedding invitations are easy to find and affordable. Adding to the invitations with place cards, RSVP cards, and the engraving adds a lot of time and money. Send invitations to the people on your guest’s list and consider setting up a social media site to post updates and instructions.


Keep the entertainment simple. Consider an acoustical guitar player and singer or a DJ to handle the music, There is no need for dinner and a show.

Your gifts

Your guests want to give you gifts, But who has the time to register with several stores and try to decide for them what you want.

Instead use a free crowdfunding site or a free honeymoon registry such as Honeyfund.

This is an easy way to choose what is important to you. You can do it from the comfort of your home and your guests are happy to gift you.

Having a simple wedding is less stressful and much more fun for everyone.  Your wedding will be memorable and everyone will have a wonderful time. You can begin your life together relaxed and happy, and with a lot more of your money still in the bank to plan your perfect Hawaii honeymoon.

Keep your sense of humor

Something will go wrong. No matter how much effort you put into a wedding, something will go wrong. Do not let anything ruin the day. Keep your sense of humor and you will enjoy your wedding and may even have a few good stories to share later.