Top Five Wedding Planning Tasks That You Can Delegate To Others

When planning the wedding of your dreams, it is understandable that there are many things that you want to oversee. You might have an eye for detail or just want to take control, so things happen just as you like them. But do you know what? You can still delegate tasks and still get the wedding as you want it, but it will save you a whole heap of stress if you do. So before you become a bridezilla, take some time out and delegate some of the tasks out. You want to enjoy the whole process and feel as stress-free as you can. What tasks are best delegated out, though? Here are a few ideas for you.


Batchelor or Batchelorette Party

Though you might have thoughts or visions about how you want it to be, it is best to let someone else take the reigns. Your maid of honor or the best man should be the people planning these out for you. You can hint heavily at what you’d like, but let someone else do it all for you. Just turn up and enjoy!

Making Favors

Putting together wedding favors, tying up small bags or lacing up boxes can be pretty tiresome and tedious. So ask for help with it. If you like to have control, then you can give them a demonstration of what you’d like or how you want them to look. But it is an easy task to ask one of your bridesmaids or a family member to do.

Wedding Rings

Once you’ve got past the engagement ring part, you need to remember that you both need a wedding ring for the big day. So have a look through what you would like, but leave it up to your other half to arrange and pick up, for example. You could click here for Tacori wedding rings, for example, buy online, and then it makes it all much less stressful. So delegate the task out if need be.

Wedding Stationery

You might need a hand making invites or putting together seating place cards. But as there will be a number of people attending the wedding, a simple task like writing the names on the cards can take quite a while. So grab your mom or a friend to help and take over that task for you. The same goes for printing out the order of service cards or menus; whatever else you will be needing at your wedding.

Music for the DJ

When you hire a DJ or a band for the wedding reception, then the chances are that they will ask for suggestions of songs that you want played; they don’t want to choose their own songs, and it be things that you don’t like. So ask a few of the wedding party that know you well to come up with ten or fifteen songs each, for instance, and let them compile a list. When someone else can do the job for you, then save yourself the time and stress.

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