Vintage Engagement Rings That Will Inspire You

What do people really mean when they say vintage engagement rings? To start off, when people say “vintage” it refers to something that’s of high quality, especially something that relates to the past. With that said, when it comes to vintage engagement rings, it usually refers to the ring’s style rather than its age.

Although they’re considered by many as unusual engagement rings, vintage engagement rings are still in-demand and will never go out of style. It’s cool if your family has a gorgeous engagement ring that’s been passed from generation to generation that you can give to your loved one when you want to propose to them. But if your family doesn’t have one, you can still propose to your loved one with a dazzling engagement ring that has vintage features. Here’s a list of vintage engagement rings that you should look into when shopping for an engagement ring:

  1. Victorian-Inspired Vintage Engagement Rings

Engagement rings during the Victorian era varied greatly in design and materials. But Victorian rings usually featured yellow or rose gold, and in most cases, they also included a diamond. Clusters, halos, and rows of diamonds were quite popular during the Victorian era. As such, the yellow gold double-halo vintage engagement rings by Kalfin are a good example of Victorian-inspired engagement rings.

Aside from gold and diamonds, pearls were also often included in many engagement rings during this era. Pearls found on engagement rings during this era are all natural, which makes them even more gorgeous. Other gemstones are also popularly used for engagement rings during this era, such as moonstone and opal.

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  1. Edwardian-Inspired Vintage Engagement Rings

If you think your partner loves intricate and lacy designs, then they’ll definitely love an Edwardian-inspired vintage engagement ring. Engagement rings from this era generally featured platinum and intricate metal work in their designs, which were often called filigree. Ribbons, scrolling, vines, and floral designs were among the most popular choices for engagement rings during this era.

Colored gemstones were very popular during the Edwardian era, although diamonds and pearls still remained in vogue. As for cuts, rose cuts, old European cuts, and old mine cuts were the most popular options for diamonds during this period.

Therefore, there is no cause for concern if you like an Edwardian-inspired vintage engagement ring but have previously purchased something else for your partner. If you ever change your mind know that it is never too late to reconsider your ring selection. You can discard the ring you initially purchased and instead purchase a stunning vintage engagement ring for your future bride.

  1. Art Deco-Inspired Vintage Engagement Rings

Unlike the lacy designs of Edwardian-inspired engagement rings, Art Deco jewelry was quite heavy on geometry and repeating patterns. Instead of the curvy, flowing intricate metal work in their designs from the Edwardian era, engagement rings during the Art Deco period featured repeating, sharp angles with tiny beads that are often called “milgrain”. In fact, Art Deco style engagement rings and jewelry have become quite popular over the last couple of years.

As for diamonds included in engagement rings during this period, step cut and asscher cuts were the most popular choice. The rings also featured colored gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. Unfortunately, a lot of customers during this period were unable to afford these expensive gemstones because of the Great Depression. They have no choice but to opt for the most affordable ones such as amethyst, citrine, and garnet.

  1. Retro-Inspired Vintage Engagement Rings

The Retro era started in the 1940s and ended in the 1960s. During this time, engagement rings with a diamond center were still quite unpopular. But due to the highly successful marketing campaign launched by a major diamond miner and trader in the 1940s, diamonds are now exclusively featured in almost every engagement ring.

Unlike other vintage-inspired engagement rings on this list, engagement rings from the Retro era were quite simple in terms of design. Solitaire rings are quite popular during this period as they allow the diamonds to be put on full display. Also, it’s worth noting that the center stone grew larger after the Depression, which allowed for larger diamonds to be put on engagement rings.

Yellow and rose gold were the most popular metals used for engagement rings, especially in the United States during this era. So, most of the Retro-inspired engagement rings are two-tone, which featured yellow gold and white gold in their designs.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to propose to your loved one, hopefully this article helps you find the perfect engagement ring. Vintage engagement rings have a different vibe to them and are even more unique than their modern counterparts. If you think your partner loves everything retro or vintage, then they’ll definitely love a vintage engagement ring.

There are still many vintage engagement rings to choose from out there, pre-owned engagement rings are timeless representations of styles from the past.

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