Stunning Sapphire Engagement Rings from EraGem

Sapphire engagement rings from EraGem are one of our favorite alternatives to a traditional diamond. Perhaps it’s from our love of Princess Diana’s 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire ring set in 18-karat white gold. Or maybe it’s the brilliant and bold colors they’re available in: purples, orange, “parti sapphires” (showing two or more colors) and, our favorite, blue-green shades.

Ring by EraGem
This gorgeous Simon G diamond halo mounting is set with a stunning 3.84 karat untreated Montana sapphire. The sapphire has a beautiful soft green blue that pops nicely off the diamond encrusted setting. The ring has a smooth and relatively low profile design that is very comfortable to wear. There are two kite shaped diamond accents and the rest are round brilliant diamonds. Ring by EraGem

A sapphire ring can be extra special for those with September birthday as it’s also their birthstone. If you’re looking for a high quality, blue-green sapphire engagement ring the jewelers at EraGem offer a wide variety.

Ring by EraGem.
This stunning 4 carat no heat Montana sapphire engagement ring is to live for. The stone is emerald cut and set in a fresh 4 prong head that was well placed in a beautiful antique wedding band. Ring by EraGem.

You can learn more about EraGem on their website and have a look at their amazing customer testimonials. As we’ve written about before, we always love a vendor with great reviews!

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