A guide to gemstone cuts for engagement rings

Engagement rings traditionally feature one distinctive gemstone which is then sometimes also complemented by other stones. The overall impression which you get from the jewelry then depends a lot on the gemstone cut used for the main stone.

With that in mind, here is our guide which will introduce you to the various gemstone cuts used in engagement rings.

An immortal classic:

The round cut

The most popular choice by far is engagement rings with a solitaire diamond in a round brilliant cut. And a brilliant round cut definitely also suits other gemstones as well. With its 58 facets (surfaces), it is designed to reflect light as much as possible, so it sparkles the most out of all the gemstone cuts.

Elongated shapes that optically stretch the fingers:

The oval cut

An oval cut is basically an elongated version of a round cut. The number of facets is usually the same and this gemstone cut is an ideal choice for an engagement ring for those who want to avoid passing trends and stick to something a little more classic.

The marquise

The marquise cut literally looks regal. It is a cut with a narrow, elongated shape, which ends in a point on both sides. Due to the fact that it has the largest surface area of ​​all the gemstone cuts, it makes the stone look larger. It can also make the finger appear slimmer.

When you’re looking for a vintage look:

The emerald cut

This rectangular cut was originally designed for emeralds, but it is also widely used for other stones. It is sometimes said to create a mirror-like effect due to the stepped bevel on the sides of the stone. It is essential that the stone have flawless color and purity because any imperfection will otherwise stand out.

The teardrop

The magic of a bygone era shines through in the teardrop cut (also known as a pear cut), which has been used since the 15th century. The KLENOTA jewelry studio also note that with this cut, the stone looks optically larger. Since it is a less common cut, it suits women who always like to be a bit more individual.

The cushion cut

The cushion is a square or rectangular cut with rounded corners which makes it resemble a cushion (hence its name). It is a delicate, feminine design that is great for a halo setting.

For fashion lovers:

The Asscher

The rarer Asscher step cut is a square variation on the emerald cut. It will please ladies looking for symmetrical shapes and a sophisticated look. And like an emerald cut, it requires a high quality stone.

The trillion cut

An engagement ring made of white gold with a triangular diamond – this is the choice of future brides who are alternative and who want a unique ring that’s like no other.

When she’s a romantic at heart:

The princess

What woman doesn’t want to be a princess, right? This square shape with pointed corners gives engagement rings with a princess cut stone a fairytale, yet modern look.

The heart

An engagement ring with a gemstone in the shape of a heart is very distinctive and not everyone would be brave enough to wear it. Women who choose to wear it usually like to stand out from the crowd – such as the singer Lady Gaga.

A final tip: for gemstone cuts which have sharp points, pay attention to the setting which is used for the stone to make sure that it is appropriate since otherwise, there is a risk that the tip of the stone might get chipped. V-shaped prongs or bezel-type settings are ideal for such stones.


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