Should We Engrave Our Engagement Rings?

You want to throw a little something special onto your significant other’s engagement ring? Hey, etch away!

Here’s the thing, though – if you’re already going to get a wedding ring, should you engrave the engagement ring? Should you engrave rings at all? Will the engraving make your ring itchy? It won’t. That answer is up front for free if that’s genuinely a concern you had.

While not all couples opt to engrave their rings at all, much less engagement rings, it is a nice way to make your proposal that much more special. Before you try to save some money by taking a box cutter to that classic men’s wedding band you just procured, pause and explore your options.

Engraving Options for Engagement Rings

If you want to engrave your engagement ring (or any ring in general for that matter), there are three main options to choose from.

Hand Engraving

This is the oldest, most labor-intensive and, you guessed it, the biggest hit to your wallet. You also run the risk of human error because, well, it’s done by a human. That being said, hand engravings done by skilled artisans run an incredibly low risk of error. If you want an engraving without it looking like one of those LeBron James posters signed by a machine, hand engraving may be worth it to you.


Laser Engraving

The most modern option on this list also tends to be the cheapest. Plus, it’s like your ring is getting Lasik eye surgery from Inspector Gadget, which is cool as hell. Laser ring engraving is also the most versatile engraving and can be used on any type of material.

Rotary Engraving

The middle child of engraving refuses to be overlooked. In fairness, it’s for good reason. Rotary is ultra-precise as your desired engraving is plugged into the computer and the machine does the work.

If robots gain sentience, rotary machines will probably be one of the first. Luckily, they don’t have the means to walk, so they can’t be too dangerous – but we digress. The downside of this semi-sentient robot process is that it can’t be done on materials that are heat sensitive.

If you want to nerd out about which process is right for you, here’s some extra reading material.

Why You Shouldn’t Engrave Your Engagement Ring

silver-colored ring with gemstone in a box

Let’s get the devil’s advocate stance out of the way first. While engraved engagement rings can be a great gesture, they aren’t for everyone.

You Aren’t Sure About the Ring Size

Hold off on engraving if you want to do something really special, but you aren’t 100 percent sure you’ve got the right ring size. You can always have it engraved after the fact anyway! While rings can be resized, engraving doesn’t always hold up well to changes. You might be able to get away with it if it’s just a half size and the engraving is large enough (maybe). Err on the side of caution, though, and only etch if you’re completely sure on the size.

You’re on a Budget

If every dollar counts, you might want to skip engraving. While it’s reasonably affordable on the whole, it is still an extra cost. Remember – rings can be engraved at any time. Maybe skip it for now and have it engraved as an anniversary gift down the line (great to keep in your back pocket for when you’re in the doghouse).

You’re Going to Engrave the Wedding Ring

You could engrave them both, of course. However, if engraving both sounds like bringing sand to the beach to you, skip engraving the engagement ring.

Why You Should Engrave Your Engagement Ring

silver-colored solitaire ring

You’re Going with One Ring

To rule them all. Lord of the Rings is forever cool, and we won’t be taking questions on the matter.

Hey, rings are expensive. Having an all-in-one ring is a popular idea right now and makes a lot of sense. If you want to use that engagement ring again at the altar, by all means, slap an inscription on there. You’re saving some serious stacks. Spend a little bit extra on a nice engraving.

Money Is No Option

Congrats, Mr. Monopoly, you’ve passed go a few times in your day. Maybe you’ve been budgeting since you were 14, or maybe your Dogecoin went to the moon. Whatever the case may be, if you have the budget for it, it’s a great way to make your engagement extra special. There are also some ring makers that offer free laser engravings, so be on the lookout for those deals.

You Want the Engagement and Wedding Rings to Go Together

We admit this is a more niche case, but it could still be pretty cool. Oftentimes, couples will have engravings that go together on their respective wedding rings. Why not open your options up by having the engagement and wedding rings go together. You have limited characters when engraving anyway, so make the most of your real estate.


Now, this really depends on the kindness of others. If you lose your ring and someone turns it in to the proper authorities, it’s easier to prove it’s yours. Sure, fitting the ring properly to your finger helps, but unless you’ve got an unusual size, it probably won’t prove your case. “It’s a gold size 10 men’s ring” is pretty generic when trying to prove it’s your ring. “It’s a gold size 10 men’s ring that says ‘Remove Before Flight’ on the inside” is a much easier way to prove ownership.

While engraving won’t make or break your relationship, it’s a fun way to add a unique twist to an engagement. If it’s not in your budget – hey, no worries. If you’ve got a little extra cash stored for a rainy day, slap your trademark on the inside and ask away, my friend.