Engagement Rings that are ALL the Rage this Wedding Season

It’s true what they say; a diamond is forever. And an engagement ring is a jewel that signifies the beginning of a happily ever after. Of the many beautiful jewels one could own, a gorgeous engagement ring bedazzled by a diamond is UNMATCHED. This symbol of love captures a special moment in time and deserves all the careful craftsmanship, attention to detail, and compliments galore!

If you love weddings, dreamy jewelry, (the occasional) retail therapy, and keeping up with everything trendy, you’re in the right place! We’ve curated a great list of some of our favorite styles of engagement rings that have been all the rage. What’s EVEN better is that they’re all ethically crafted, sustainably produced, and good for the environment! Talk about making a fashion statement the RIGHT way… 

Here are our top picks

The Classic Round (Classic round: Yellow Gold)

If fashion history has taught us anything, a good old classic round will always stay in style! An exquisite, lab-grown diamond cut and fit to perfection screams timeless, and we’ll never get tired of these being a fan favorite. For an extra something-something, we HIGHLY recommend engraving a special message on your jewelry to make it truly memorable

The Halo Solitaire (Emerald cut: Halo Solitaire)

The infinity halo solitaire is one of our favorites from the Diamond Chemistry Collection, and the sleek emerald cut is the cherry on top! These are some of the rarest cuts of diamonds and look majestic even as solitaires. They make for a unique yet stylish choice for an engagement ring and deserve all the hype!

The multi-stone Trilogy (Multi-stone trilogy)

More (diamonds) the merrier, right? We couldn’t agree more! Multi-stone rings are a wonderful way to play with the shapes and textures of lab-grown diamonds. They’re fully customizable and look absolutely stunning when done right. If you’re feeling fancy and looking to make a bold choice, these trilogy engagement rings are sure to be right up your alley!

The timeless platinum (A pear-shaped platinum)

We’re completely smitten by pear-shaped diamonds and even more so when they’re set in a halo! Unlike any other diamond shape, these alluring gems with their distinct silhouettes are a very popular choice. The marriage of the lustrous platinum band along with a brilliant diamond is truly a match made in jewel heaven.

The Contemporary rose gold (Contemporary Rose Gold)

It’s not often that you see engagement rings with a diamond adorning a rose gold band. However, we think this is a great way to stand out and add a touch of originality to your special piece of jewelry. Not only does the metal complement the stone beautifully, but its versatility also makes it a winning choice for almost every skin tone.

After a significant rise in serotonin levels post some gorgeous diamond gazing, we’re sure you all have the same question- ‘Why should I opt for a lab-grown diamond ring when I could have the ‘real’ deal instead?’ While we understand the initial hesitation, we’re here to ASSURE you that in fact, lab-grown diamonds are REAL diamonds!! Anatomically, visually AND physically! If not from us, take it from the FTC (The Federal Trade Commission) that stated- ‘A diamond is a diamond, no matter whether it is grown in a lab or comes out of the ground.’

There you have it! It’s finally time to let go of the reservations surrounding lab-grown diamonds (that are VERY last season, might we add), and start making sustainable choices. It’s trendy, it’s fashionable, and we’re HERE FOR IT!