6 Ethical Engagement Rings For A More Sustainable ‘Yes’

You’re here because you’re ready to pop the question. And you’re searching for the perfect engagement ring for this special event.

There is so much anxiety and thought that goes into this. And we often tend to disregard the societal and environmental considerations of buying jewelry.

Rather than supporting jewelry brands that are involved in child labor and environmental degradation. Here are some ethical engagement rings for a more sustainable ‘yes’ your partner will be thrilled about.

Frank Darling: Sustainably Sourced & Conflict-Free Diamonds

To be frank, darling, most jewelry lines aren’t focused on the environmental degradation and human rights violations of diamond and gemstone mining.

But Frank Darling is a brand with full awareness of these issues. That’s why every one of the diamonds and precious metals in their collections is recycled. This results in the most sustainable kind of rings.

All their sources are recognized for fair labor and superior environmental practices and policies.

Lab-grown diamonds, which Frank Darling also offers, are maybe more in your price range. These are also better for the environment since they’re synthetically manufactured in a laboratory.

Blockchain technology tracks the entire diamond and metal creation process, from its first transaction to its final destination – your finger. This is one of the processes they have implemented to maintain their standards.

Brilliant Earth: The Hidden Halo Range

Brilliant Earth is a jewelry line that is proactive about sustainability. Their sourcing policies are incredibly stringent. 

A gorgeous example of an ethical engagement ring is The Hidden Halo range. All of these rings are made from eco-friendly, recycled materials.

Some gemstones are lab-grown, which has its perks. However, there are unfortunately a few reasons to not buy lab-grown diamonds to be aware of.

Brilliant Earth aims to maintain the brilliance of our Earth! Only accepting diamonds from operations and countries that align with their values. They are partnered with Fairmined which focuses on a good quality of workplace for miners, and avoiding environmental degradation.

Additionally, Brilliant Earth offsets any possibility of leaving a carbon footprint by contributing to Tropical Rainforest Conservation in Brazil. 

As a side note: while these brands are keeping it clean environmentally, make sure you clean your diamond engagement ring yourself!

Catbird: Mathilde the Swan

Catbird is another company with a focus on human rights and environmental awareness. 

This conscious company ensures all workers are treated with respect. Workers are given generous employee benefits and fair pay. And are presented with professional development opportunities. 

With such appalling working conditions for miners in the jewelry industry in general, Catbird has made sure all workers are kept safe and comfortable while they work.

The Mathilde the Swan ring has been created with recycled solid gold or platinum, a conflict-free black diamond, and recycled white diamonds. These are standards that are applied to all their other jewelry pieces.

Furthermore, Catbird contributes millions of dollars to organizations such as Black Lives Matter and Planned Parenthood.

Taylor & Hart: Faith

The creators of Taylor & Hart grew up in South Africa. Thus, they became aware of the horrendous blood diamond trade in Zimbabwe.

Now in Canada, Taylor & Hart have used their experience to create a company with a fully transparent supply chain. Customers can track the journey of their chosen diamond, such as in the stunning Faith engagement ring. 

This ring is made from recycled platinum. And the diamond and teal sapphires are mined in Canada through CanadaMark. This corporation invests in important infrastructure, education, healthcare, and employee training. Thus, supporting the local communities that are often neglected and swept under the rug.

MiaDonna: Eden Engagement Ring

MiaDonna has made a radical effort to partner with moral and conscious foundations to develop stunning sustainable jewelry.

MiaDonna is aware of the carbon emissions and water usage resulting from shipping and production, respectively. Therefore, they partnered with One Tree Planted to offset their carbon footprint and recycle water. 

Their initiative, The Greener Diamond Foundation, takes 10% of their profits and funds agricultural, mentorship, educational, and relief programs. All in communities that are negatively impacted by diamond mining.

Surprise your eco-conscious sweetheart with the Eden engagement ring. In the Garden of Eden, you’ll find recycled or lab-grown diamonds and gemstones. 

Bario Neal: Radial Cluster Hex Yellow Sapphire Ring

If you want something handmade, unique, interesting, intricate, and perhaps asymmetrical, the Radial Cluster Hex Yellow Sapphire Ring is for you!

The queer women of Bario Neal are huge advocators of LGBTQIA+ rights and marriage equality. They show their support by creating custom gender-neutral rings to represent love in any form. 

Besides, a common misconception about engagement rings is that they have to be chosen by a man! This excludes any other kinds of relationships moving towards engagement and marriage.

Additionally, Bario Neal donates to initiatives that are connected to environmental and social impact. These initiatives include Better Without Mercury, The Picasso Project, National Resource Defense, and more!

Their environmental, labor, and health standards are intensive and rigorous! Bario Neal is passionate about protecting and restoring lands affected by mining. Worth mentioning also is the financial assistance they provide to impact those communities positively.

Vrai: The Signature Bezel Marquise Engagement Ring

Although Vrai does develop lab-grown diamonds, there are upsides to this. The syntheticness of the diamonds equates to a zero-carbon footprint.

Vrai, meaning “truth” in French, produces their sparking diamonds using zero-emission hydropower. This forward-thinking method of production uses the power of the Columbia River in the Pacific West of America.

Investing in the Signature Bezel Marquise engagement ring in their line means you will be supporting various brilliant causes. These causes include No Kid Hungry, Equality Now, and the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. 

The decision-making process involved in your proposal is stressful enough. Where, how, and when should I propose? Focus on planning your proposal to your twin flame, soul mate, and chosen life partner. And let these brands focus on sustainably sourcing your engagement ring.