Two Rings To Rule Them All! Choosing Your Wedding Bands Wisely


On your infinite list of things to do in the run-up to the big day, from choosing the venue, all the way through to fitting into the wedding dress, the defining symbol of your love for one another is going to be the wedding band. Choosing your wedding bands can be a big task if you don’t know what you want. Here are a few hints to help you along the way…

Your Choices

Of course, your choice can be very limited if you have a meagre budget. But think about what your ideal wedding ring is, and take it one step at a time. Do you want gold, or platinum? Do you want gemstones or diamonds? It can be a lot to take on board, especially when you want something to match your engagement ring. Ask yourself all these questions first, and then you can begin to whittle down the choices.

Set Yourself A Budget

While you may want fantastic pieces of bling, the diamond prices right now might not let you do that, unless you set yourself some limits. It’s not nice to think you have to set a limited budget, but if you go shopping for rings with the idea that you will spend approximately 3% of your wedding budget on the rings, this gives you an upper limit to work to. Remember, with additional investments to the ring, from the engraving, to whether you want gemstones or diamonds, the cost will add up pretty quickly.

Sizing The Ring

This needs to be done at a certain time. Remember, you are going to be wearing this wedding band all the time. This means you will wear it during changes in weather, and so, your fingers will contract and swell. You need to schedule your ring fitting at a time when your body temperature is normal and you are calm. This means picking a time when you haven’t been to the gym or your fingers have been swelling, for example, first thing in the morning, your fingers retain water from the night before. Think about the best time for you.

How Much Maintaining Do You Want To Do?

You need to consider two things, your lifestyle choices, and whether you have the time to work on the upkeep of this ring. If you play a lot of sports, choosing a ring that is slimmer and more comfortable will be better. You need to consider the overall durability of the ring. In addition to this, if you want to keep it pristine and sparkling, it can be a lot of effort. In which case, a plain gold or platinum band is easy to clean.

While you may want the most beautiful ring you can find, you have to set yourself some limits, but you also need to consider the practicalities. A wedding band is a symbol of your love for your significant other, but it’s something you’re going to be wearing pretty much every day of your life. So, choose wisely.


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