5 Unknown Reasons for Choosing Ceramic Rings for Weddings

Ceramic rings are all the rage nowadays and they are a great choice for people looking for understated ring designs that’s more practical than ostentatious. Much like the surface of a newly waxed car, a ceramic ring has a shiny look and a smooth feel. Ceramic rings come with all sorts of design options and they are commonly available in  jet black, white, and other color options. Considering it’s a relatively new material for making rings for men and women, there is a certain degree of scepticism regarding buying ceramic rings. For people contemplating buying something that’s both unique and affordable, ceramic rings and bands are definitely worth considering. Apart from wearing them casually, some couples are choosing to buy ceramic wedding rings. Here’re 5 reasons why.

Ceramic Wedding Bands Are Pretty Popular: While platinum and gold are all time classics, ceramic wedding rings are trending now. More and more, couples are realizing the practicality behind buying ceramic rings for weddings and anniversaries. Apart from being highly affordable, ceramic bands are every bit as luxurious-looking as any expensive wedding ring. Sure, it does take courage to pull off ceramic wedding rings when everyone around is wearing diamonds and platinum. However, that very rarity makes people who choose ceramic wedding bands trendsetters instead of being blind followers of social protocols.

Ceramic Rings Do Not Break Easily: When people think of ceramic, they often think of ceramic plates and pots. The next thing on their mind is what if the ring breaks while they are wearing them. Honestly, chances of that happening are little to none. It comes as a great surprise to most people, that ceramic is actually stronger than steel. Nothing says more about the durability of the material than the fact that ceramic plates are often used in bulletproof vests.

Ceramic Rings Can Have More Than One Color: Unlike traditional material options for rings, ceramic can have a diverse range of colors. Solid black ceramic rings are the most popular choice for weddings. However, there are ceramic rings that come with wood inlays and intricately etched designs.

They Don’t Need to Be Polished: Even the most durable rings made from metals are susceptible to scratches. Titanium and platinum rings, for instance, can lose their polish over the years. With ceramic rings, there is no need to worry. Ceramic is a highly resilient material that holds on to its original shine amazingly well. It’s also not prone to oxidation which is a common problem in some metals such as silver and steel. Ceramic rings also do not react to heat, which means they do not expand or contract with the ever-changing ambient temperature.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Metal Allergies: A lot of people cannot wear rings because they are prone to contact dermatitis caused by metal. People who are highly sensitive can even be affected when wearing rings made from hypoallergenic metals such as platinum and titanium. Ceramic is completely non-metallic and thus there is no risk of metal allergies.

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