What Are Your Choices For A Wedding Venue?

Getting married is supposed to be the most wonderful day of your life. But getting to the ceremony takes months of planning and preparation. It can all be quite stressful for the poor bride! One of the most difficult things to arrange is the venue itself. Finding the right place on the date of your choice can be harder than you think. Many of the best wedding venues are often booked up months and years in advance.

There are alternatives, though. Rather than change your preferred date, why not change your destination? A destination wedding provides you with far more options too. Some places allow you to wed outdoors in the garden or even on the beach. And if you can guarantee good weather for your wedding, wouldn’t you be tempted?

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One of the things that put so many couples off a destination wedding is getting the guests to come. Some brides feel it is necessary to cover the travel and accommodation costs for their guests when they are marrying overseas. For the bride and groom, it’s easy. Most newlyweds stay on at the destination to enjoy their romantic honeymoon. But many guests have to make the journey home again to get back to their families and jobs.


Photography by Sergey81

One solution to this is to book accommodation for everyone to stay together near to your venue. Some venues have enough guest accommodation on site to suit you too. You can also find large houses to rent in many of the most popular wedding destination countries. Your guests will appreciate you arranging their accommodation this way, even if you can’t stretch to their flights.

You may also be able to hire a bus to pick everyone up from the airport and bring them to your venue. This ensures nobody gets lost along the way. And it can be all too easy for things to get lost in translation too. You may find this is the cheapest option for you, and it saves your guests having to make these tricky arrangements themselves.


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Some brides like the idea of getting married in a castle or mansion. There are plenty of options with this. You can use it for the ceremony or just the reception. Or you can have everybody stay there as well if it has the facilities. You could have a different venue for your ceremony. Some people choose a picturesque property for the ceremony as that will be the backdrop for most of the wedding photos. Others prefer to find a beautiful reception venue as that is where they will be spending most of their time after the ceremony.

We all have different priorities. You may pick a venue for its chef and menu. Or maybe you’re keen for some stunning landscapes for your wedding photos. Some people are keen to have the entire wedding party staying together so they can all spend quality time with each other. The choice is yours. And so is the destination! Make the most of your gorgeous wedding day. Congratulations.

Post contributed by Nichola Davidson.