Patagonia: Not Your Average Elopement Location

This vast region spanning southern Chile and Argentina is wild – like, REALLY wild – and rugged. It’s remote and unpredictable. It’s harsh and challenging.

And it’s heart-stoppingly beautiful.

As elopement photographers, we’ve known for a long time that we wanted to take the ‘right couple’ to the literal ends of the earth to share their vows. It takes a certain kind of couple to truly thrive in such an environment on their wedding day. That ain’t a judgment of any sort, just a reality it’s important to recognize.

Kirsten and Kris were that couple!!

We’ll be honest: on our initial call, we kinda tried to scare them off a little, just to be sure we were being totally transparent with what they might be letting themselves in for, and not ‘selling’ them something that didn’t really suit their personalities. But, the more we told them about the potential gale force winds, the horizontal rain and the mountain views potentially disappearing in thick cloud…. The more their eyes lit up!

And honestly? THAT’S the kind of couple who’s going to truly LOVE a Patagonia elopement!

We met them for their elopement day in Torres Del Paine National Park in southern Chile and, well, Mother Nature decided to show off that day. Despite our warnings to be prepared for any and all weather, Kirsten and Kris spent their day basking in glorious sunshine and enjoying ZERO wind (several locals commented that this was NOT normal!!).

Their whole day felt like a dream. We hiked from one beautiful spot to another, jaws on the ground every corner we turned. The landscape here defies words. It’s a real ‘see it to believe it’ kind of place. Of course, we’d seen a bazillion pics on Instagram and travel blogs, but nothing compares to standing in front of those peaks in person and truly appreciating their magnificence.

Kirsten and Kris’ day was heartachingly romantic and freeing. Having been together for nearly a decade already, they’re so clearly still SMITTEN with each other and to witness their effortless love was a truly special thing. It seemed only right that a love so great should be celebrated surrounded by a landscape so grand.”

All photography by The Outlovers.