Charming Cake Stands from Opulent Treasures

Opulent Treasures is an inspiring site to find charming chandelier cake stands, dessert stands, metal cake stands, candelabras and chandeliers. It’s the small design touches that can make your special day extra special! Here are some of our favorites!

Cake stands created by Opulent Treasures

Chandelier Cake Stands

We love these tiered chandelier stand for cakes. They come in different sizes and colors and make for a beautiful dessert table.

Cherry Blossom Cake Stands by Opulent Treasures
Cake stands aren’t only for cake!

Cherry Blossom Cake Stands

Use your imagination when it comes to setting out appetizers or snacks!  Cake stands aren’t only for cake, you can use them for an infinite amount of things. These beautiful Moroccan jeweled stands are versatile and work in many different settings.

Chandelier Ball Base stand by Opulent Treasures

Chandelier Ball Base

Looking to have your dream wedding cake, cupcakes or desserts leave a lasting impression? Try this chandelier ball base stand, which is fun and beautiful!

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