Do I Need Uplighting at My Wedding?

While uplighting may not seem like a necessary addition to your wedding like a caterer or DJ, it can make a huge impact without breaking your budget. Take DIY Uplighting – each LED light is only $17 to rent. These lights can be adjusted to 7 different colors depending on your personal colors. Afraid of the heat some lighting causes? Not to worry with LED lights – you can leave them plugged in for your entire wedding!

If your venue is large and you just want to add some ambiance, you can spread the lights out like the photo above. Remember, when adding uplights to your wedding, many of them, like DIY Uplighting, can only be used indoors or under a tent where the lights will not get wet. If you really want to make a statement and transform your venue, you can put lights closer together and alternate colors like this wedding.

While bright colors like the blue really pop, uplighting with the softer pinks and whites can create a romantic ambiance. You can add these lights around the full perimeter of the room, or just focus on high profile areas like the head table or cake table.


With DIY Uplighting, you can really do it yourself. Just use the check availability option on their website to make sure there are enough lights for your date and click to order. To avoid any snafus the day of the wedding, have your house party (or whoever is in charge of set up while you’re getting ready) to watch this video on how to set up the lights. If done correctly, uplighting can transform your venue.

Will you be adding uplighting to your wedding venue?

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