Design & Decor :: Twenty Pages

Graphic designer Vincent Merlin and his wife turned their wedding into a cover op with their custom-created magazines Twenty Pages. Here, he shares his design inspiration.                        

TP-jolie-WP TP-spark-WP

WBD: How did you come up with the initial idea to make personalized magazines for wedding couples? 

Vincent Merlin: Twenty Pages was born from the needs of our own wedding in France. We wanted to share our story and the big day logistics with our guests. Since we had a destination wedding, it was hard to convey all the information to our guests in a fun and simple way. We considered many things, but still felt that it didn’t fit our needs. So, we created our magazine and the guests loved how fun and practical it was—from the maps to the “top things to do” to the “what to wear” section. It made their experience much more enjoyable and stress free.

WBD: You have three different magazine designs—what inspired these versions?

VM: All our designers are based in Paris and their work is naturally inspired by the latest trends in France, but they also keep a close eye on what is going on in the U.S. We currently have three magazine styles:  Whim was designed for the timeless romantic in all of us, Spark was inspired by of-the-moment French fashion magazines and meant for those who love to be on the cutting-edge, and Jolie has a vintage and nostalgic feel.

WBD: What do you hope that couples get out of making their own wedding magazine?

VM: We hope that couples tell their story and share the romance with their wedding guests. Our customers always tell us that the magazine is a big hit at their wedding; it added an unexpected touch and was fun to put together, as well.