Kalla: Luxury Bouquets with a Personal Touch

Kalla Sister Albert

There’s a new flower-delivery service blooming in Chicagoland this June—but unlike other shops that clutter the market with predictable, impersonal products, inspiration grows in each of Kalla’s hand-crafted, luxury bouquets.

“The floral industry has become saturated with generic arrangements and an assembly-line approach—particularly when it comes to online and mass-market retailers,” says Kalla lead floral designer Addie Flynn. “We wanted to bring a hand-crafted, personal connection back to flower delivery—while at the same time offering products that are incredibly unique and modern. Every relationship and occasion is different, so the craft and thoughtfulness that goes into each Kalla delivery makes it all the more meaningful.”

Kalla’s bouquets are rooted in this more personal approach and layer meaning in every vase, box, and flower petal. Each stunning arrangement is infused with its own story, inspired by famous pairs from history that range from “Josephine & Napoleon” to “Venus & Galileo.” And, in honor of the company’s Chicago launch, it recently unveiled the “Georgia & Alfred” and “Sister & Albert” bouquets.

Customers can customize their orders by pairing them with chocolates and expertly chosen wines and also have the option to create an accompanying video. They’re thoughtful, classically beautiful products with a modern twist, making each purchase a work of art down to the last detail.

Bouquets can be ordered online and delivered on the same day—and, with the help of a smart device, tracked every step of the way. “Flower delivery can be such a clichéd and expected experience,” Flynn says. “There’s an exuberance about this brand. We’re infusing new life, passion, and personality into every moment, from selection to delivery to enjoyment.”

Kalla Athena Artemis

Kalla Anna Vaslav