Digital Inspiration
from Wedding Chicks

Modern Weddings spoke with Wedding Chicks about their blog creation and its continued influence in the wedding world.

When Wedding Chicks started, bridal blogs were not yet the powerhouse that they are now. What made you decide to go down this digital road?

We were ready to move out of photography and invitation design, and one day, while chatting via flip phones, Wedding Chicks was born.

Blogs like yours have helped transform the world of wedding planning. Why do you think wedding blogs have become so influential? 

When we hear that, it’s quite emotional for us. We started out as two girls making a pretty blog, not knowing what it would become, but blogs like ours have become so influential because they are a daily—and sometimes hourly—source of inspiration for every aspect of a wedding.

You probably look at hundreds of weddings every day. What still inspires you about them?

We’re okay with looking at the same thing over and over. Although it may be familiar to us, it’s more than likely “new” and exciting to the newly engaged.