Mother (And Daughter) Knows Best

The two-generation team at Kate and Campbell shares wisdom for brides-to-be and their moms 

Wedding-planning duo Barb Campbell and Kate Ferguson have a unique perspective when it comes to working with bridal clients and their mothers: they’ve been through it themselves. Combining daughter Ferguson’s business savvy and mother Campbell’s creativity, the two formed Kate and Campbell Creative Weddings and Events in Atlanta.

“We’ve found that it’s very reassuring for [clients] when they see that there are two of us,” Campell says. “The moms relate to me and the brides relate to Katie. I’ve been an MOB and understand the mom’s role, and Katie was married about four-and-a-half years ago, so she knows just what the bride is experiencing.”

What else have they learned? Campbell offers insight for sharing (and sometimes surviving) your wedding planning with Mom:

“Communication is key. Talk it out. That’s important for us, for the couple, for the mom and daughter. When there’s an issue, take a deep breath and talk it through.”

“When they don’t see eye to eye, it’s usually about budget, the guest list, or the ‘look’ of the wedding. Yes, we pick up on this right away! There will be some subtle, or not-so-subtle, eye rolling! There might be a few snappy responses when the mom makes a suggestion or two. Then the mom might call me and vent, and the bride might call Katie and vent, and we talk them off the cliff and all is well.”

“Sometimes mom and daughter have a completely different vision for the wedding. Mom wants elegant and traditional, for example, and the bride wants something a little trendier. We try to help find that happy medium for them, whether it’s using bolder colors in a traditional way or using elegant flowers in more contemporary arrangements.”

“This is such a special time for a mom and her daughter. As a mom, it’s an opportunity to work closely together with your daughter, to shop with her, to do crafty things together, to communicate constantly…how often do we get those chances with our adult children? To moms, I suggest taking a deep breath and remembering that this is your daughter’s wedding. Suggest ideas. Vent to your planner, and have your planner tactfully offer your suggestions!

For daughters, remember that as much as mom and dad would like you to have everything you dream of, sometimes they just can’t afford to do so. Be grateful for what they can provide. Ask us about ways to get the look you want for less. Let your mom share this excitement with you, even if you have to bite your lip at times. It’s all worth it when you walk down the aisle and your mom and dad have shared this exciting time with you.”