Wedding Flowers: Everything You Need To Know To Help Your Wedding Bloom

Picture From Pexels
Picture From Pexels

Flowers are a fantastic way to liven up your wedding and bring a burst of colour to your big day. Even though they aren’t one of the main things guests will notice, your wedding won’t be complete without them. Imagine walking down the aisle without a beautiful bouquet! So it is very important to get it right when you choose your flowers. Here is what you need to know.

Match Your Bouquet To Your Dress

Your bridal bouquet should be a similar style to your wedding dress. Otherwise it could stand out a bit too much. If it does, it can take attention away from your gorgeous dress. There is an easy rule of thumb to follow when you choose your bouquet. Keep the size relative to the size of your dress. So if the dress is big, pick a big bunch of flowers. If you have opted for a slim-fitting dress, stick to a simple, smaller bouquet.

Be Experimental With Colours

Some people think that the colour of the flowers should be the same as the shades of your whole wedding’s colour scheme. However, this just boils down to personal taste. If you are a bit more adventurous, then you can be adventurous and use a variety of shades and colours in your decor. Be daring and opt for bright red and orange flowers. Or, if you’d rather demure and discreet bunches, pick blue and purple bunches. If you aren’t too sure about what will work best for you, speak to professionals like Enchanted Florist.

Personalise Your Bouquet

To help your big day stand out from the crowd during wedding season, you’ll be adding your very own touches to it. The bridal bouquet is perfect for personalising, and there are many different and fun ways to do so. Many people choose to attach jewellery that has a sentimental significance to them and their family. You could even add some flowers from your parent’s or grandparent’s garden.

Think About Budgets

At the end of the day, you can only buy the flowers that you can afford. So there is no point getting any grand ideas beyond your means! However, there are ways you can have beautiful flowers for not much money. Grow your own! This idea isn’t quite as daft as it may sound and many couples do it for their big days. It is a great way to add your own touches to the wedding, and it can certainly let you and your partner’s personalities shine through the decor!

Consider Numbers

If you know how many people you know will be attending your wedding, you will know how many flowers to order or grow. You should have already figured out how many bridesmaids you’ll have. They will need their own bouquets as well! Don’t forget any flower girls either. They should each have some flowers to hold throughout the ceremony.

Gorgeous flower arrangements will help your wedding day look picture-perfect. Thanks to flowers, you big day will be a blooming success!