Erinn and Calvin’s Saskatoon Wedding

Erinn and Calvin planned a gorgeous, simple, rustic and romantic, Saskatoon wedding in rural White City.

Their wedding couldn’t have been more perfect and a downpour of rain cleared up just in time for their ceremony.

It was a magical day for both of them and they couldn’t have dreamt of it turning out any better.

Their love story:

How Calvin and I met:

“My friend was down visiting me in Saskatoon, Canada, and we decided to go to a country bar with a group of our girlfriends.

While we were there I saw my friend talking to this super hot guy and then when she came back to the girls I asked her who the hot guy was.

She said it was her friend Calvin. I asked her to introduce us and she did, and Calvin and I danced and the rest is history haha.”

“For the first year and a half we did long distance for part of the year and the other part Calvin would be living in Saskatoon while going to school.

After a year and a half, Calvin convinced me to move to Regina with him.

We love fishing together and spending lots of time outdoors. He even likes cattle now and we love going out and helping my Dad and Patty.”

~ The bride, Erinn

Associated Vendors

Venue: Private Residence- Saskatoon Wedding
Photographer: Brenna Page Photography