13 Signs You Should Check Before Proposing to Her 

She is the sweetest thing that has ever happened to you. When you think about her, you yearn to be with her forever.

You can wait no more! And you are ready to pop up the big question— will you marry me? 

Perhaps you are wondering if she also feels the same way – to go on a forever journey with you… Well, there are some indications you must look out for before you ask the question.

When you see these prompts, there’s a high probability that she also wants you to be her lifelong partner and the father of her kids. 

Below listed are 13 signs you must look out for before proposing to her.

She loves to spend time with you

Get ready to pop up the question once you observe the beautiful lady loves being with you. She may be waiting for you to take that bold step if she loves being around you.

However, ensure you confirm that she’s not fond of you for some selfish reasons. Other points mentioned in this article will help you find out.

She often discusses the future with you

When a lady feels comfortable discussing the future with you, especially about raising a family, you are more likely the lucky guy. That’s a major green light for you to start preparing for a romantic proposal. You can try one of these romantic proposal ideas.

You are compatible with each other

Compatibility is crucial when it comes to starting a romantic relationship, having a happy marriage, and building a blissful home. You’ll be making a huge mistake if love is the only factor you consider before proposing to your longtime partner. 

It is risky to propose to her if you are not compatible with one another despite loving each other.  

So, how do you know if you’re compatible? First, you are physically attracted to each other, and her genotype matches yours. 

Also, you like her personality and she likes yours too. You’re happy being with each other. You share similar perspectives about most things; you also share similar goals and interests.

These and more are signs that you’re compatible with your partner

Your family loves her 

A relationship that will lead to marriage is more than the two lovebirds; it involves families from both sides. You might encounter a significant problem if your family doesn’t like the girl you intend to marry.

Observe the reaction of the members of your family when you tell them about your girl or when they meet with her.

Meanwhile, the same thing applies to her family. Don’t ignore how her family relates to you. Their response might determine your final decision—whether or not you’ll go ahead with the proposal. If you overlook this aspect, you may have a difficult marriage in the long run.

She informs you of her schedules and plans 

It is safe to say that you have found a good and beautiful partner if she always tells you about her plans, schedules, and whereabouts. She sees you as an important part of her life and believes you deserve to know about her movements. 

She confides in you

Here is another sign that shows you’re not making a mistake if you have decided to propose to her— because a lady who loves and trusts you will freely share secrets with you.

You may go ahead with your proposal plans if she tells you everything you should know about her life, including her past, what she loves or hates, her favorite vacation destination, goals, and ambitions.

She stayed with you during your low point in life 

Only a woman that is genuinely in love will stay with their future spouse when things are difficult. A lady who stuck with you through thick and thin deserves your eternal love. 

So, you can go ahead with your decision to propose marriage to her. Get her a beautiful engagement ring, and also get a matching ring for yourself from a mensweddingbands store.

She seeks your opinion before making a big decision 

Don’t hesitate to propose to a lady who always seeks your opinions before taking a big step in her career or any other area. It means she cherishes and respects your opinion. That’s a good trait!

She is interested in every detail about you 

It’s quite romantic to have a partner that knows virtually everything about you. It shows how much your girl adores you. 

A lady that loves you will be interested in knowing general details like the nature of your work, your friends, your residence, your birthday, etc; and even more confidential information like your love language, your personal goals and ambitions, your fears, and so on.

However, you need to be careful if she doesn’t know how to draw the line – It could be a red flag if she’s possessive of you.  

She loves your friends and family 

We have talked about the fact that you may need to reconsider your proposal plan if your family doesn’t like your girl. In the same vein, your lover should also love your family and treat them the way should do to her own relatives.

She should also be comfortable being around your friends because she trusts your decision on who you mingle with.  

She has become your best cheerleader 

Here’s another sign that a lady you love and cherish has mutual feelings for you. She is available to celebrate your achievements, whether big or small. 

She’s your number one fan and is ever ready to cheer and spur you to victory with her encouraging words, hype, and chants (where necessary). 

She is eager to learn about your culture and tradition 

This point is if you both have a different cultural background. You can be sure that a lady can’t wait to be a part of your family if she is zealous to learn about your culture and tradition. 

If she often requests that you teach her your language, religion, dress, and other elements of your tribe and culture, it shows her readiness and desire to associate with everything you represent. 

You are convinced she’s the one 

This point is a major one! Your instinct also plays a vital role in your marriage proposal decision. There’s an illogical feeling you may have about whether or not to propose to her. 

After you must have considered all the 12 points listed before now, listen to your intuition. If you feel good about it, then go ahead with the proposal. And if not, you may need to hold on a bit— perhaps something is not right!


By now, you know that love alone is not sufficient enough to be the reason to propose to your girl. Evaluate compatibility, observe your friends and family’s countenance towards her, and how her family reacts to you. 

Financial compatibility, mutual understanding, effective communication, her commitment level, and your instinct are other significant aspects you must assess before giving her an engagement ring. 

It’s also noteworthy that may need to make a few compromises, however, the aftereffect shouldn’t be a fatal one.