A Stunning Engagement Photo Session at Bearfence Mountain

Bearfence Mountain is a stunning natural landscape that provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic engagement photo shoot. With its breathtaking views, picturesque trails, and scenic picnic spots, Bearfence Mountain offers a unique and memorable experience for couples who want to capture the essence of their love and commitment.

Location: Shenandoah, VA, US
Event Date:  Jun 18, 2022
The Happy Couple: Maricela Irfan & Blnd Irfan
Event Venue: Shenandoah National Park
Photographer: House of Amsel Photography

From the photographer, “Meeting when the sky was dark at 5AM, we hiked up Bearfence Mountain to capture these dream images for Blnd & Maricela’s engagement.  It was cold and we carried that HUGE dress up the face of Shenandoah. They both changed at the top ( troopers ) and we started our session. The sunrise could not have been any more magical and we were thrilled with how the images came out.”