Love is in the Details :: Traditional Dancing

Any wedding planner will tell you it’s the small things that stand out. Here is one of our favorite (and perfectly planned) fetes


Company: Bliss Weddings & Events

Bride and groom: Becky and Nialy Patel

Designer: Renny Pedersen

Venue and location: Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago, Il

Photographer: Studio This Is 

“Becky and Nialy have both been to a lot of hotel ballroom Indian weddings. They really wanted something different,” says head Bliss planner Pedersen. To make the Patel wedding really stand out, Bliss kicked off with the traditional Indian ceremony. They shut down Chicago’s famed LaSalle Street, and the families danced in front of the Board of Trade for a full 45 minutes. The party moved to the edgy, urban Bridgeport Arts Center for the Christian ceremony and dance party reception.

A 60-foot screen installed in Bridgeport’s loading dock was Pedersen’s favorite design touch. “The screen played really loud and colorful Bollywood videos. It was amazing!”