Love is in the Details :: Cozy Style

Any wedding planner will tell you that it’s the small things that stand out. Here is one of our favorite (and perfectly planned) fetes


Company: Flourish Events

Bride and groom: Kelly and Anthony Davis

Designer: Lindsey Nartker

Venue and location: Meadow Brook Hall, Rochester, MI

Photographer: Blaine Siesser

“Kelly and Anthony wanted their guests to feel at home, comfortable with their surroundings, and most importantly, well taken care of,” says event designer Lindsey Nartker. A vintage soda display set the tone for the wedding’s decor and offered guests a refreshing drink prior to the ceremony. Inside the reception tent, Nartker used milk glass, mercury glass, and wood containers to display romantic blooms, and even changed up the arrangements on each table. “Keeping the designs different on each table encouraged guests to explore the entire tent, always giving them something fresh and interesting to find,” Nartker says.

Photos of loved ones injected personal charm into the wedding’s cozy style.