Personal Decor Style That Pops

Event Creative designer Jesse Deckard takes extra steps to make your wedding decor feel right



“Couples are really gravitating towards a more intimate style for their weddings, and by ‘intimate,’ I don’t necessarily mean by size, but by feeling,” says wedding guru Jesse Deckard. Deckard, a senior wedding design consultant at Event Creative in Chicago, specializes in creating the decor for weddings of all scopes and sizes. And he firmly believes that when it comes to making your wedding look like you, you have to dig deep. “I find out things about my clients that aren’t even related to the weddings. Things like personal shopping habits, what their homes are like, and what they like to do in their spare time, just so I can understand what their ultimate wedding setting should feel like,” he says.

Once you’ve got your wedding feeling pinned down, Deckard  gets to work honing preferences into a streamlined wedding look. He likes to do full decor run-throughs, where he stages complete table settings, accompanying lighting elements, and the small touches that make his wedding designs truly speak to each couple’s style. “They understand every design element that will ultimately create their special event space,” Deckard says of his meticulous process. But if you can’t stage a full decor dress rehearsal, do make sure your wedding’s look feels right. “Trust yourself, as you know yourself best,” Deckard advises. “If it feels right in the beginning, it’s going to be right in the end.”