How To Put Together Your Wedding Theme

We all dream of a beautiful wedding that looks stunning. Most of us have an idea for a theme that will help highlight our wedding. After all, we want a little style and personality in there too. There are many parts of the wedding that can be tailored to suit your personal tastes. It’s not all about the dress after all.

Start at the beginning. The venue you choose will have a certain classical style of its own. You may have chosen it because you love the shape of the windows or the attractiveness of the gardens. Colour and shape are important parts of any theme you choose. Many people choose hearts, but you can choose shapes of a Celtic origin or even chic scrolls.

The most popular colours for this year are mint green and powder blue. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you picking colours that mean something to you both. Or you could choose a colour that is prominent at your wedding venue. Once this is booked, it’s time to order the wedding invitations. If you have a look at these DIY wedding invitations you may also find a reference to your preferred shape too.


Image source Earl53

The decor for your wedding may be prepared by someone else, but you still get the final say. Choose ribbons and sashes in your theme colours. Centrepieces are a good place to bring out your theme too. Decorations like balloons, garlands, and drapes can all feature your preferred colour. The shape is important here too. Ribbons and lace often feature shapes and detail that will match your style perfectly.

When you order the flowers, be sure to include your favorite theme colors in the bouquet. Display flowers can be bound in a ribbon of the same colour, and feature the pattern of your shape too. Why not order your flowers to be bound together to form the shape of your choice? This pattern could feature on the waistcoat of the groom and his party too. There are many places it could be found.

Your dress may also feature the shape that defines your theme. Trims and hems are the best places for it. Corseted dresses sometimes have this kind of detail in the middle. Choose a waist ribbon or train finish in your chosen colour too. This helps tie everything in together, finishing off the theme beautifully. The cake ribbon and ribbons for the car should also be in this color.

It is also possible to buy colored confetti. Let your photographer know that your theme colour is important to you. He will then be able to pick out the details of it in your wedding photography. Some brides are moving away from traditional ivory shoes. Instead, they are picking shoes in their theme colour. This can be challenging in some shades, but you can always add embellishments. Choose to attache some ribbon or gemstones to highlight the colour. Have a gorgeous wedding your way with a wedding theme.

This post was submitted by Beth Jones