Karis and Casey’s Emerson Wedding

These best friends were married on December 20th, 2020 in Kaufman, Texas at the Emerson Wedding venue.

Their day consisted of simple black and white decor, the sweetest first touch and prayer, and an incredibly lively reception.

Emerson wedding venue’s timeless, white chapel was designed by the insanely creative mind of Leanne Ford (HGTVs – Restored by Fords).

Destined for each other, some might say- a city girl falls in love with the country boy.

This love story began when these two were 17 in a high school speech class.

She ran off to Lubbock for college and he stayed home simply because he had no idea what he wanted to do with his life.

But as usual, they say God had a plan that neither of them had seen coming.

She left Texas Tech and moved back home.

Around this same time, John Mayer (their favorite musician) released a new, sappy album that made them think of each other- apparently a whole lot.

The first move? Well, he left song lyrics on her car.

They agreed to go on a “friendly” date which turned into a three-hour, On The Border, dinner date.

From there, he knew that he was not going to let her slip through his fingers again.

They fell in love, spent every possible moment together, and even got a Dalmation puppy that they coincidentally named Mayer.


Associated Vendors

Bridesmaid Dresses: BHLDN
Event Venue: The Emerson Venue
Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Generation Tux
Dress Store: Bliss Bridal
DJ: Funkytown Entertainment
Caterer: Tatering
Equipment Rentals: AFR Event Furnishings Dallas
Equipment Rentals: Coral Lane Rentals
Equipment Rentals: Simply Chic Event Rentals
Photographer: Haley Lynne Photography