2021 Wedding Trends: Decor, Colors & Beyond

2021 Wedding Trends: Decor, Colors & Beyond

Weddings are looking different these days, but we certainly aren’t short on new, creative ways to celebrate everlasting unions. Unsurprisingly, casual – or simply less formal – events are the new direction overall. And if stats taught us anything, it’s that tying the knot cost significantly less in 2020 compared to the prior years. From responsible, eco-friendly weddings to the current trending colors and new ways to approach seating, here are the top weddings trends to look out for this year.

Sustainable Events: Reducing Waste without Cutting on Magic

Going green on your big day is definitely one of the major trends of the moment – and given the role of sustainability in most areas, ranging from slow fashion to mindful event planning, we’re talking about more than just a fading craze. Disposable materials are being replaced by recyclable and reusable items (including glasses and plates, macrame and ribbon). If you’re doing glitter or confetti, biodegradable options exist – and fact is, you don’t need to compromise on style, chicness or magic when taking the sustainability route.

To keep costs, as well as waste, low – opt for renting out everything that can be rented. Choose to decorate with living plants (after all, greenery is one of the trends of the moment) rather than flowers that get to shine for one day only. Moreover, you can opt for décor crafted from natural materials, including wood, straws, or clay.

Brunch Weddings: A Great Alternative to Formal Affairs

Intimate, small weddings are the norm in 2021. If you are on board with a smaller wedding, one of the best alternatives out there is a brunch event. Charming, refined, scrumptious and loaded with all your beloved brunch goodies, weddings that start at 11 am are a rising star this year – and they’re definitely not short on magic. Switch fairy lights for bright daylight, opt for pastels or soft tones to decorate and indulge in your favorite treats over an open buffet brunch setting, accented with fresh plants as centerpieces. The result: a memorable wedding that doesn’t miss the mark on style.

Casual Seating: Charming, without the Fuss

Weddings are looking more casual in 2021 – and more intimate. And with that, the way we approach seating is changing. Formal, decorated chairs in shimmery finishes, with the mandatory bow to match – they are all a thing of the past. What’s trending: mismatched chairs, unassigned seating and even pillows and cushions used as seating, especially in backyard weddings.

This year, it’s all about sharing the big day with a close group of friends and family – without the unnecessary formalities. Elegance is found in simplicity rather than opulence, whether that means opting for vintage, mismatched chairs as a way to create a whimsical ambiance without the fuss or a magical backyard event over a great meal and an even greater cake enjoyed while lounging on cushions. Save on the decor, but consider investing in professional wedding photo editing.

Elevated Color Palettes: Dusty Shades

Everything from the bridesmaids gifts to their dresses, and from the florals to the napkins and décor accents is craving dusty shades this year. Think of your favorite shade, then find its dusty version and embrace the elegance and chicness it provides. Major frontrunners: dusty mauve, sage green paired with blush and soft rust shades (in their dustier versions, without bold pigments).

Pair up a maximum of two dusty shades and pick up to two neutrals as a base to go with your hues. Classic white and ivory are always an option, and so is champagne, which makes a great match for cool-tone colors.

Personal Touches: DIY Décor

Casual weddings come with casual décor – or, at least, less opulent, more budget-friendly décor. In tune with sustainability trends, DIY wedding décor is having a major moment in the wedding niche right now. From repurposed jars (that you can later use as storage), decorated with reusable lace or ribbon to handmade napkin rings that can be reused in your own home, the possibilities are endless.

A Pop of Pigment: Colorful Wedding Suits

As formal weddings are a thing of the past – at least temporarily so – more and more couples are opting for alternative ways to celebrate and express themselves on their big day. High up on the list: colorful wedding suits, perfectly paired with bridal bouquets – or heels – in the same shade. Black tuxedos aren’t on top of the list in 2021 when it comes to wedding style, so if you are looking for ways to add a pop of color to your event, as well as pictures, shades like rust, forest green and cobalt blue are majorly trending.








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