Designing with the Stars

These event designers know what it takes to make a lasting impression—just ask their celeb clientele

81Meet Christina Whittle and Zaid Arriola, two designers who have had their hands on big day details for stars like Drew Barrymore and Natalie Portman, to name a few. They let us tap their brains to find out how to make the flowers for your own big day picture perfect. 

If a bride has to choose between what’s in season or what’s in budget, what do you recommend?
What is in season is always a great choice. However, budget should not drive your bouquet choice. It is the most important flower on your special day—it will be in a lot of your pictures and will create great memories. You never want to look back at your wedding album and wish you had spend those few extra dollars!


What do you think is a good rule of thumb for brides to abide by when deciding on a floral palette?

We believe there is no rule of thumb when it comes to your own wedding, so you should choose a color palette that is personal to you. This is the time to get your future husband’s input. For example, you love yellow and he loves gray, and those two colors together create a delightful and chic palette—a true marriage!


Are there any flowers in particular that you think are poised to be the next “big bloom”?
Dahlias are beautiful and timeless. Even a single Dahlia bloom would create an amazing bouquet. There are so many different types and hybrids, they’re a very versatile flower. Dinner plate dahlias are our favorites, and soon will be everyone’s!


Any trends we can look forward to seeing in the coming year? What about trends we’ll be happy to see go?

One trend we think is worth following is making eco-conscious decisions. For example, there are many flowers that do not required large amounts of water.


What would your fantasy bouquet look like?

Large Magnolia blooms—we love the elegance and delightful fragrance.

A timeless piece!