Crystal Cove Wedding

This Crystal Cove wedding truly blew us away with how stunning every detail and photo was!

It was extremely difficult to pick just a few photos and we are so excited to share them with you!

From the photographer: Another wedding that was forced to switch up because of damn Rona. Have I said that too much recently? It just keeps happening you know? Girl, you are ruining everything! NO ONE LIKES YOU!

Anyways, the reality is that Kaitlyn and Corey’s Crystal Cove wedding turned into something absolutely stunning and gorgeous.

And it wouldn’t have been this simple and intimate if it weren’t for the Covid herself.

They both decided to have their elopement at Crystal Cove in Southern California and it was crazy gorgeous.

I took way too many photos because I was inspired by every single square foot of this gorgeous place. Not to mention, Kaitlyn and Corey are gorgeous. Which also made it easy.

This was my first Crystal Cove wedding and I really hope it isn’t the last.

This lovely couple’s intentionality struck a real chord with me and their family that came.

I know it was so memorable for me and was surely much more memorable for all of them!

These two are going places and I’m so inspired by them both! Can’t wait for the real party this year!

Associated Vendors

Reception Venue: Crystal Cove
Photographer: Gabriel Conover Photography