Sponsored: Your wonderful Wedding or Elopement in Italy

Is it time to get married? Has your boyfriend asked you to continue your beautiful love story with an eternal promise? It is the dream of every woman who feels like a princess!

How nice it would be to get married in Italy (or go there for a romantic elopement) in timeless places like Venice, Lake Como, Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, or Sicily, and if instead of simple photos, they were real paintings to tell your most beautiful day? Choose the quality and artistic value of one of the greatest Italian wedding photographers.

Stefano Cassaro is a destination wedding photographer in Italy who is available all over the world: he loves to travel and his mission is to create magical atmospheres in every photo of your event.


Class, elegance, refined taste, deep study of photography (tones, colors, compositions, lights and shadows), great technical competence and an unattainable artistic ability are the basis of his cultural background.

Look at some of his works…

His photographic style is inspired by the use of light by masters of painting such as Caravaggio: the always achieved goal of giving life to the emotions of the heart through images, make him a wonderful modern Poet of Photography.

Stefano offers a creative photographic style that captures spontaneous expressions and unique details aimed at representing the power of feelings between two people, whoever they are…without any difference of race, religion, sex, age…

He loves looking at reality with his eternal child’s eyes that create a pure approach to the study of the image and its composition.
If you love Art and give importance to yourself and your emotions, Stefano must be your first choice.

This is a sponsored post from Stefano Cassaro. What are you waiting for to contact him?


All photos courtesy the artist.

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