4 Wedding Items To Buy At Least 4 Months Before The Big Day

If your wedding is on the horizon, times are probably as stressful as they are exciting right now! Here are four important items you need to buy at least four months before you wedding. Read on to find out what they are. Untitled

Your wedding rings

Jewellery shop owners often report couples coming in two or three days before their wedding to buy their wedding rings. And, in some cases, they leave disappointed. This is because some wedding rings have to be ordered, and can take up to eight weeks to be ready for collection! Cutting it fine when it’s something so important is not a wise decision. Start shopping around for rings at least four months before the wedding. This gives you lots of time to try on different styles and to get your favourite one ordered. Don’t just look in-store, mind. Look online too. They can sometimes offer faster delivery, such as 2-3 weeks, like with these Tacori wedding rings.Untitled1

Your shoes

If your feet have stopped growing, it is a good idea to sort your wedding shoes well in advance of the wedding day. First of all, it gives you some time to wear them in around the house. You can also take your time finding the best insoles and heel grips if you want to wear them. You should also remember that most seamstresses will need you to wear them so they can make the dress the right length.


Your dress

Don’t panic about your weight fluctuating between now and the wedding. It is very common to lose weight just before your wedding. This might be intentionally or unintentionally! You might even gain a little bit, from the stress. This doesn’t matter. Buy your wedding dress at least four months or more before the ceremony. This allows time for it to be ordered and delivered to you. It also means you don’t have to waste money on faster delivery. Once it arrives, you can then book into a seamstress with plenty of time to spare. It is usually recommended that you go for your first fitting less than two months before the big day. It is at this time you can start thinking about your size and the dresses size. But a good seamstress will be able to make you and your dress look fabulous either way!