Whimsical Abbey Inn Wedding

A beautiful Abbey Inn wedding for a couple who worked hard to get exactly what they wanted.

From the bride: I had never envisioned my wedding, which is funny to a lot of my friends because most of them aren’t engaged and already have theirs planned. After we got engaged, my fiance and I sat and thought about what we really wanted…intimate.

We both come from big families and knew that a wedding abroad is an amazing excuse for a smaller guest list and vacation in one! When we were dating, we visited Italy together and I found myself falling more and more in love – the country of romance! So we decided we would get married on the Amalfi coast in September.

We quickly found our wedding planner and the planning began! We worked on the entire wedding for about a year and a half and then COVID hit. We ended up rescheduling for the following spring very confident that come that time around there would be no problems!

Fast forward to the winter, the borders had still not opened up so we had to make the tough decision to cancel our Italian dream. We already waited for what seemed years and were ready to finally start our life together, married. In just 3 months, we quickly found a venue and planned our micro wedding and oh, it was perfect in every way.

We still had our intimate 3-day wedding weekend where our family and friends could get away to not only celebrate our love, but the love we created with all of these special people in our lives. We welcomed everyone on Friday evening for a family-style welcome dinner that rolled into a night full of fun drinks and anticipation for the wedding day.

They say that on your wedding day, you blink and it’s over so I made sure throughout the day to fully soak it all in. I found myself shedding a tear that after such a tough year, we were finally getting married.

I wanted to add personal touches throughout the wedding like an honorable chair with my step-father’s favorite suit jacket, a tie pin for my fiance that had “you are a man we are proud of”  in writing from his beloved grandfather and a tribute to our lost ones in the program.

I also wanted to add an ode to Italy – this is still very much part of our wedding story. We had his/hers drinks – mine an aperol spritz (of course), table numbers that read all the Italian cities we had been together and our lemon wedding cake.

I walked down to “Linger” a song that was very close to our hearts in our early dating stages – (You know I’m such a fool for you….You got me wrapped around your finger). My sister missed her prom this year so I got all of my VIPS corsages to celebrate her in a way. We did a voicemail guest book and let’s just say they got funnier as the night went on.

All in all, you can make your wedding the way you want! This was our one night as a couple that everyone was there for us – a celebration of a lifetime. Everything fell into place and will forever be a memory that we reflect on.

Associated Vendors

Event Venue: The Abbey Inn wedding venue
Other: Wedding Planner
Photographer: Lauren Ashley Photography