Wadley Farms Wedding

A Wadley Farms wedding worthy of any Disney princess, but more importantly, YOU.

When you think of your wedding day as a little girl- you dream of the Disney Fairytale wedding. When the day comes and you say yes, you may already have most of what you dream of in mind.

A castle that lays at the bottom of a mountain terrain brings to life that Disney Fairytale. It has a magical feel from the outside steps to the grounds around it. The design brings you elegance and leaves you feeling like royalty on your wedding day.

The pastel colors are nothing short of magical in the way they are bright and fresh. They bring a little color to the day, but still keep soft tones that won’t overpower any other part of the beautiful interior of Wadley Farms Venue.

Wadley Farms creates a beautiful setting whether you are wanting an outdoor wedding or something indoor. Everything is curated to where you and your family and friends will fall in love. Sometimes you don’t think that the different colors come together like they do in these images. But when you keep the colors soft and pastel, they help brighten your day, but also keep that classic elegance feel you may bee looking for when you are dreaming up your wedding day.

This was nothing short of a dream, and if this was an option for my wedding day, I would take it in a heartbeat.

Everything from the invitations, decor, and the venue itself, brought me back to a little girl dreaming of her wedding day where she felt like a princess with her prince charming standing by her side.

A day full of miracles where anything can happen and all your dreams come true. What dream comes to your mind as you look those these magical images of the possible design for your wedding day?

Event venue: Wadley Farms

Photographer: Heather Avrit Photography