Vivian and Timothy’s Southern Celebration

The week leading up to Tim and Vivian’s southern celebration was nothing short of stressful. Their beautifully planned spring wedding was set and ready to go, but then COVID-19 hit the United States. Even with all of the chaos and uncertainty, one thing was for sure, Tim and Vivian were ready to be married. They quickly altered their plans and arranged for a much smaller and intimate ceremony than originally planned. Their special day was so sweet and special.

From the photographer: “Being there, you would not have known that anything was ever supposed to be different. They exchanged vows surrounded by their closest family and friends. The groom’s sister was his “Best (Wo)Man.” It was a beautiful day despite difficult circumstances.” The love between the couple was evident and their happiness radiated throughout the day. Despite the pandemic, their special day was stunning. With vintage flair, white roses, and gorgeous blue accents, the phrase “perfect wedding” could be used to describe their southern celebration. Their venue, Rocky Mount Wedding and Events, was beautiful and absolutely perfect for Vivian and Tim’s wedding day. Small or not, this wedding was breathtaking.


Dress Store: Bella Couture\\Event Venue: Rocky Mount Wedding and Events\\Photographer: Lauren Gray Photography