Vineyard Wedding in Central Virginia

Vineyard Wedding in Central Virginia: From their wedding website – By the time we say “I do” we will have been together for more than 10 years.

Over the past decade together we have transitioned from being college students, to working professionals in different states (and at one point, different time zones), to roommates and puppy-parents.

While we have no idea what the decades ahead of us have in store, we are looking forward to continuing to go through them together.

The inspiration for our wedding day was resilience. This wasn’t the original inspiration, but after having to postpone twice because of the pandemic all we wanted was to celebrate our love with those we care about the most. Every thing done, said and displayed on our wedding day was inspired by our love and desire to finally celebrate with our closest family and friends.

The space was decorated with a variety of different flower arraignments. After scrolling through Pinterest for months it was hard to pick just one design. Our florist and venue took my indecisiveness and turned our space into a beautiful floral setting. We also used Etsy designers for customized details like our table cards made of wine corks and bride and groom chair signs with the lyrics to our wedding song “500 miles”.

We had flowers everywhere. We had three different center piece designs for our tables. We also had a custom made arbor made purely of flowers as our ceremony backdrop. Additionally, we had boutonnieres, bridal bouquets, corsages and even a flower crown for my flower girl!

We had a dessert waffle food truck instead of a traditional wedding cake. This was a nod to my dad who LOVES waffles and ice cream. The waffle truck was a major favorite – other best parts of the day included dancing with our friends and family (especially singing/screaming to Bruce Springsteen)

We wanted to be comfortable on our wedding day. My wedding dress was flown with pockets. Tims suit was his favorite shade of blue with a floral bow tie. Our Bridesmaids were able to pick out any style they wanted in a light blue tone. It was elegant but easy and comfortable.

The most anticipated moment was our first look. By the time our wedding day arrived we were together for 11 years and had three different wedding dates thanks to the pandemic. My mother also fell and broke her leg a week before the wedding. The first look signified to us that we made it!

My husband and I made a promise to always be near each other on our wedding day. It’s so easy to get pulled into other conversations and pictures but we made a point to stay together throughout the day so we didn’t miss anything. Another piece of advice that helped us – enjoy the small things. We celebrated after any wedding decision with a glass of champagne or some other wine. There is so much to get overwhelmed with but when you celebrate even the smallest tasks getting done it makes the planning process more enjoyable.

Associated Vendors

Makeup Artist: Cville Makeup
Caterer: Paradox Pastry
Cinema and Video: DeVries Productions
Floral Designer: Blue Ridge Florals
Event Venue: Veritas Vineyard and Winery
Photographer: 3 Cats Photo