Trinity and Taylor’s Ethereal California Celebration

Trinity and Taylor started their forever in an ethereal California celebration in February 2020. Both writers, the couple was introduced online via mutual friends. They spent two years chatting before getting together. From the bride: “From that moment on, we’ve steered through trials and tribulations together with sweet-as-honey moments of laughter, levity, and adventure.”

The colors were inspired by the bride’s ring which was a lavender sapphire set in rose gold. They liked the idea of using cooler pastel tones accentuated with dashes of rose gold and silver.

From the photographer: “They wanted the phrase “I love you to the moon and back” to be the running theme in their wedding but it quickly spiraled to include lots of other fun inspirations like Frank Sinatra’s “Blue Moon” and antique nostalgic memorabilia. This idea of old soulmates meeting together once again seemed to be the through-line of the ceremony. Giving life to this theme where the actual love letters Taylor and Trinity had written to each other over the years!” The bride’s favorite moment of her ethereal California celebration was when they saw each other for the first time. The way Trinity looked at her with disbelief and awe was heart-melting.

Event Venue: Braemar Country Club\\DJ: DJ Vermix\\Other: Blue Sky Papers
Makeup Artist: Yolanda Lopez\\Calligrapher: Shelby Creative Designs\\Other: Rose Gold Hearts Events\\Cinema and Video: Zelus Marketing\\Bakery: Sugar Coated Bakers\\Cake Designer: Hansens Cakes\\Floral Designer: Ai International\\Event Planner: Ai International\\Photographer: Elizabeth Burgi Photography