The Penthouse Wedding

Craig and Roel were married at The Penthouse wedding venue in Chicago. The black and white venue is gorgeous and classy.

Craig and Roel are the perfect match for one another.

Craig was a waiter and Roel would come in all the time with his friends. Roel grew to be one of Craig’s favorite customers.

He grew to learn everything Roel liked, mostly Craig’s cute face. 

Suddenly Roel stopped coming to the restaurant and Craig was super concerned. He didn’t have any info or contact details for Roel.

Craig waited and waited to see Roel again. 

Roel came to the restaurant a few days later and Craig knew it was now or never.

Unfortunately, it was extremely busy so he didn’t have a chance to ask Roel on a date. Craig was shocked to learn that Roel left his number on the receipt.

Craig laminated it and still has it to this day. It’s framed next to their wedding portrait!


Associated Vendors

Culinary: 3 Chalices
Calligrapher: Sweet Letters Calligraphy
Equipment Rentals: Tablescapes
Equipment Rentals: The Festive Frog
Linens and Coverings: Nuage
Cake Designer: Spencer Trygve Cakes
Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Suit Shop
Event Venue: The Penthouse wedding venue
Event Planner: The Creative Culture
Floral Designer: La Rue Floral
Photographer: Chantal Pryor Photography